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american revolution

The American Revolution

This series aims to educate participants about the American Revolutionary War through a selection of primary texts from US history. Topics of discussion will include the inner-workings of the Continental Congress, American and British military strategies, and a selection of the war’s major battles and campaigns, particularly in New York’s Mohawk Valley.
Instructor : Giacomo Calabria. There will be six hour-long classes, beginning on Sept. 23rd at 7pm. This is a free Zoom class. The Meeting ID is 984 8399 9096

creative writing class

Creative Writing Class

This free Zoom class is meant for kids, 5th-8th grade. It will be taught by Carol W., a former teacher. You will need : a notebook, notecards, a pen, a pencil and a highlighter. To enroll, send an email to littlefalls@midyork.org or call (315) 823-1542. The class will begin on September 18th and run until December 18th, from 1pm – 2pm.

crochet a slipper

Crochet a Slipper

On Thursday, September 3rd, 6pm-7pm instructor Sherry F. will teach you how to crochet a pair of cozy slippers. If you need a crochet hook or yarn, send an email to littlefalls@midyork.org. This is a Zoom class. To attend, using your phone or computer, go to zoom.us. Click on join a meeting. Type in meeting ID 961 3103 3695. Free!

zoom spanish class 14th

Spanish Class

This is a free zoom class. Using your phone or laptop, go to zoom.us. Click on join a meeting. Type in the meeting ID 927 9859 2014. No prior knowledge of Spanish is necessary. This class is appropriate for all ages. For more information, send an email to littlefalls@midyork.org