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Butterfly books
Butterfly Dress Window
Butterfly Dress
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Butterfly Board


Butterfly Window Display
Window by Beverly Kelly

May is aflutter with butterflies in the

Little Falls Public Library.

Butterfly Display in Front Window - Little Falls Public Library

If you have a minute, you really need to visit the library and check out the beautiful butterfly display in our front window.

We even centered our Growing Readers story time around butterflies this morning.  We colored butterfly pictures, and the children practices tracing the letter “B”.

We read The Butterfly Hunt, Waiting for Wings, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  As we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar, we put the items the caterpillar ate on the flannel board.  It was an interactive story, and the children had fun guessing colors and counting aloud.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Felt set - The Little Falls Public Library
After singing our favorite songs, we made our very own caterpillars and butterflies.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Crafts - Story Time Little Falls Public Library

The children did lots of gluing and had fun drawing faces on their creations.

Butterfly Kids 1 Butterfly kids 2 Butterfly Kids 3 Butterfly Kids 4 Butterfly Kids 6

Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is just beyond your grasp, but which, if you sit down quietly, may alight upon you.  ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne

Butterfly Bulletin Board - Little Falls Public Library

We also have a lovely collection of real butterflies, framed in shadow boxes, at the library.  We would love for you stop in and see them!

Frogs on Log
Frog Books
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Felt Rhyme - Frog Theme Growing Readers Story Time

Down At The Pond

Five little frogs were down at the pond, down at the pond at play.

Along came a hungry _(insert child’s name)_, and chased one frog away.

Four little frogs were down at the pond, down at the pond at play.

Along came a wiggly _(insert child’s name)_, and chased one frog away.

Three little frogs were down at the pond, down at the pond at play.

Along came a giant _(insert child’s name)_, and chased on frog away.

Two little frogs were down at the pond, down at the pond at play.

Along came a purple _(insert child’s name)_, and chased on frog away.

One little frog was down at the pond, down at the pond at play.

Along came a flying _(insert child’s name)_, and chased on frog away.

Then no little frogs were down at the pond – down at the pond at play.

Where do you think the little frogs went – when they all hopped away?

Frog Themed Books - Growing Readers Story Time

As you may have already guessed, today’s story time theme was frogs. We read Bradley McGogg, The Very Fine Frog, and we also read The Wide-Mouthed FrogBradley McGogg is full of rhyming words and tongue twisters, so it was fun to read and interesting for the children to listen to.

Today, we also sharpened our scissor skills (pun intended), and practiced cutting out frogs.  This was challenging for the kids, but they were determined and did a wonderful job.

At craft time, we made paper bag frog puppets.

Kids 1 kids 2 Kids 3 Kids 4 Kids 5 Kids 6 Kids 7

We hope you enjoyed our little story time recap.  We’ll be back next week with butterflies!


Kids 3 Ducks
Duckling gets a cookie
Flannel Ducks
Duck 1 Kids
Duck 2 Kids
Duck 4 kids
kids duck
kids duck 4


Growing Readers Story Time - Theme Ducks

Today, at Growing Readers story time, we talked about ducks.  We learned that they have webbed feet, feathers that repel water, and feet that don’t feel the cold.

Come Along Daisy - Growing Readers Story Time

We read Come Along Daisy, written by Jane Simmons.  It is a cute story of a duckling who disobeys her mama, gets separated from mama duck, and finds herself all alone.  She learned the lesson of obedience the hard way.

Duckling gets a cookie

We also read The Duckling Gets A Cookie, written by Mo Willems.  If you haven’t read any of the Pigeon books, you should.  The stories are quite funny, and the children really enjoy them.  In this book, duckling asked nicely for a cookie, and he got one.  Pigeon was upset, because he asks for things all the time and doesn’t get them; however, Pigeon’s request are unusual.  He asks to drive the bus and get a walrus for a pet.  It’s a silly story, but it teaches politeness, sharing, and friendship.  We love reading it!

Felt activity - Growing Readers Story Time - Duck Theme

Five Little Ducks

5 little ducks went out one day,

Over the hills and far away,

Mother duck called,

Quack, quack, quack,

And 4 little ducks came waddling back. (3,2,1…)

The children enjoyed this little rhyme and shouted “Quack, quack, quack” at the perfect time.

Duck 1 Kids Duck 2 Kids Duck 4 kids

At craft time, we made ducks.  The children glued on wings, feet, feathers, a beak, and two googly eyes.

kids duck kids duck 4

We also watched the following duck video.  They children were very attentive and thought the duck, who kept asking for grapes, was funny.

Brd Feeder Craft
Bird Shapes
hoot owls
Bird Books


Today’s story time was for the birds.

…quite literally!

The children strung Cheerios onto pipe cleaners and turned them into little bird feeders to take home and hang on a branch.

Bird Feeders made from Cheerior and pipe cleaners - Little Falls Public Library

If you hadn’t already guessed, the theme at today’s Growing Readers story time was birds.   We sang about birds, learned fun bird facts, pretended to fly like birds, and made bird feeders.

We reviewed our shapes and colors with fun felt bird houses.

Felt Bird Houses - Growing Readers Story Time - Little Falls Public Library

We also used felt hoot owls to practice our counting.

Hoot Owls used for counting - Little Falls Public Library

Five hoot owls sitting in a tree,

One flew away!

How many do you see?

Four hoot owls…three hoot owls…two hoot owls…etc.

We sang Sticky, Sticky Bubblegum, Can You, and If You’re A Pet and You Know It.  Then we acted out the following rhyme.

Little birds, little birds, jump up and down.

Little birds, little birds, don’t make a sound.

Little birds, little birds, tip-toe to me.

Little birds, little birds bend your knees.

Little birds, little birds peep, peep, peep.

Little birds, little birds, sleep, sleep, sleep.

Little birds, little birds, fly to the leaves.

Little birds, little birds, sit down please.

We read Birds and Purple Little Bird.

Bird Themed story time - Little Falls Public Library

Please forgive me for not taking any pictures of the children this week.  I got very involved in story time and completely forgot to grab my camera.  Next week, I’ll remember to take more pictures.


fox felt board
fox in the dark
fox forgets
fox mask 1
fox mask 2
fox mask 4
kids 5
fox 3


Fox Theme @ Growing Readers

Today, at Growing Readers story time, we learned about the fox.

  • Fox are about the same size as a medium-sized dog.
  • The tip of a fox’s tail is always white.
  • The color of their fur can be red, brown, black, grey, silver, or white.
  • Foxes can see really well at night.
  • Foxes eat meat.
  • They can run very fast.

We sang our favorite songs, and we also added a fun and active fox tune to our mix.

Foxy, foxy, turn around.

Foxy, foxy, touch the ground.

Foxy, foxy, dance on your toes.

Foxy, foxy, touch your nose.

Foxy, foxy, take a bow.

Foxy, foxy, turn around.

Foxy, foxy, sit back down.

We read The Fox In The Dark and Fox Forgets.

The Fox in The Dark - Growing Readers story timeThe children really enjoyed this book.  It was a long book for story time, but the kids were captivated by the story.  I love when that happens!  This would make a wonderful bedtime story.

Fox Forgets - Growing Readers story time @ the Little Falls Public Library

I also asked the children to remind me of all the animals we’ve discussed so far this spring. They were able to name off each animal and remind me of details I forgot.  I am thrilled they are not only paying attention in class, but are also remembering things outside of class.

After playing where’s the fox, a game where I hid a little fox behind colored boxes, we made fox masks.

fox mask 1 fox mask 2 fox mask 4 kids 5

fox 3

It’s so much fun to see the kid’s creativity during craft time.  While the glue was drying on our masks, we watched a short video.

Pete The Cat
Flannel Graph Cats
Kids 1
kids 2
kids 3
kids 4

Pete The Cat

This Tuesday, at Growing Readers story time, we continued our lessons on animals.  We’ve talked about pets in general, dogs, fish, rabbits, and this week, our theme was cats.

Our friend, Pete the Cat - Growing Readers story time

Our favorite feline friend, Pete the Cat, was back with his magic sunglasses.  Pete the Cat woke up feeling grumpy, but his magic sunglasses help him discover the good mood and happy feelings that have been tucked deep inside him all along.  In this book, Pete the Cat runs into several friends who are sad, mad, and blue.  He helps change their mood with his magic sunglasses.  His positive outlook transforms even the worst days into sunshiny goodness.

We read…

books with a cat theme - Growing Readers Story Time

We sang…

  • If You’re A Pet and You Know It
  • Can You? (hope like a rabbit, jump like frog, etc.)
  • Sticky, Sticky Bubblegum

We worked on our numbers…

Down Around the Corner

Down around the corner at my mom’s pet shop,

Were 5 [little] kittens with a bow on top.

Along came someone with a nickel to pay,

And they bought a [little] kitten and they took it away.

(For each verse we took down one of our kittens and replaced it with a nickel.  We then counted kittens and nickels as a group.)

Down Around The Corner - Flannel Graph Rhyme - Cat Theme - Little Falls Public Library

Down Around the Corner - Flannel Graph - Cat Theme - Little Falls Public Library

We made…

The kids made their own magic sunglasses, so they can put them on anytime they are feeling blue.

Kids 1 kids 2 kids 3 kids 4

Join us next week for Growing Readers story time!

kids with duck bunny

Bunnies at Growing Readers Story Time

Today’s Growing Readers story time was all about bunnies.

The children arrived and followed a trail of bunny prints right into our room.  One child, following the bunny prints, was overheard saying, “The Easter Bunny was here.  He was a big bunny.”

Growing Readers Story Time Room

We read If You Plant A Seed and Duck! Rabbit!

If you Plant A Seed by Kadir Nelson is a wonderful book that talks about selfishness and kindness.  At first, the rabbit is very selfish and will not share his harvest; however, he learns to plant seeds of kindness and reaps the rewards with great friendships.  The illustrations are absolutely amazing!  This is a beautiful book, and your children will enjoy the pictures as much as the story.

Duck! Rabbit! keeps you guessing right up until the very last page.  The clever illustrations turn a little animal into both a duck and a rabbit, depending on how you look at it.  The book is cute and fun, but it also teaches a deeper lesson on perspective.  Sometimes everything will change if you look at it from a different point of view.

Bunny Theme - Growing Readers story time

(Sung to tune of Up on The Housetop)

Look in the garden,

There I see

Ten Little carrots growing merrily.

Peter came and ate one,

Oops, Oh NO!!!

Now there’s only 9 carrots in the row.

(Continue song until all the carrots are gone.)

Down in The Garden - Story time theme Bunnies

We also sang our other favorite songs, colored pictures of bunnies, and acted out our favorite animals with motions and sounds.  Then, for craft time, we made our own Duck/Rabbits to bring home.

Crafts - Story Time

The children were pleasantly surprised to learn the Easter Bunny hid a bunch of colorful eggs all over the children’s section of the library, so we ended our class with an Easter egg hunt!

We hope you all enjoy a beautiful Easter weekend.

dogs-colorful-day book
Dog's Colorful Day Flannel Graph
Dog's Colorful Day craft
kids story time 3
story time kids 2
I love Dogs

Dog’s Colorful Day

Today’s Growing Readers story time was all about dogs.  We used Emma Dodd’s book Dog’s Colorful Day as a launching point.

This is such a wonderful book!  It’s all about a white dog who runs around town having adventures, but everywhere he goes, he manages to get dirty.  By the end of the day, he’s covered in pink ice-cream, brown chocolate, green grass, orange juice, and so much more.

Dog's Colorful Day by Emma Dodd - Growing Reader's Story Time

We read the story, and then acted it out using the flannel-graph board.  The children counted spots as the story progressed.  It was so much fun!

Dog's Colorful Day Flannel Graph

We sang songs and learned some fun facts about dogs.  We talked about how dogs leave noseprints, much like we leave fingerprints.  Dogs also have excellent hearing and can hear sound we cannot.  We talked about how many teeth dogs have in their mouths.  Preschool aged children generally have twenty baby teeth, while adult dogs have forty-two teeth.  We talked about the types of food dogs like to eat, and the children enjoyed telling us all about their “real” pet dogs and “pretend” pet dogs.

During craft time, we made our own version of colorful dogs.  The children have learned to raise their hands after they complete each part of our craft project..  When all the children have their hands in the air, we move on to the next step.  This has worked out so well for us!  Completing projects one step at a time keeps the chaos to a minimum, and the children learn to follow directions and wait patiently.

Colorful Dog Craft

The tops of our dogs open up (they are 1/2 an envelope), so the children filled them with little activity cards to be completed at home.

They loved wearing their colorful little dogs.

kids story time 3 story time kids 2

After craft time, we read I Love Dogs by Sue Stainton and Bob Staake.  This is a very colorful book with lots of big pictures and few words.  It was the perfect way to end our time together.

I Love Dogs book

We hope you enjoy our story time recaps as much as we enjoy Growing Readers story time!

Books about pets
birthday girl 3
Cupcakes - Kids 2
Kids - Snack time
passing around cupcakes
birthday Girl
Book Table

All About Pets

For the next twelve weeks, our theme for Growing Readers story time is animals.  Today, we began our discussion with pets.  The children had a good time telling me all about their pets, real and imaginary.

What Pet to Get - Library Story Time - theme = pets

We read What Pet to Get? by Emma Dodd.  In this book a little boy named Jack asks his mom if they can get a pet.  Not paying much attention to her son’s request, she absentmindedly says yes.  Jack then proceeds to imagine all the fun pets they can get, including an elephant and a rhino.

The children enjoyed the book and did a great job paying attention; however, we never got around to reading our second book, The Pigeon Wants a Puppy!   We had a birthday to celebrate this week, so we had lots of fun things to squeeze into our hour of story time.

birthday girl 3

Our birthday girl brought in ice-cream cone cupcakes for all of her friends.  The kids were delighted!

Cupcakes - Kids 2 Kids - Snack time passing around cupcakes

We sang songs and acted like our favorite animals.  Then, at the end of class, we gave the children balloons and let them run around and release all of their extra energy.  They had fun!

We also made “pretend” pet finger-puppet snakes.

Pet Theme - Snake Finger Puppet

We learned some interesting facts about snakes.

  • Snakes eat meat and not just leafy greens.
  • Snakes have special jaws that allow them to eat food larger than their head. (We discussed what it would be like to eat an apple larger than our heads.)
  • We shouldn’t touch snakes we find outside.
  • A snake’s skin is smooth and dry.
  • Snakes have no eyelids.

Story Time Theme Pets

We try to make it easy for the children to find interesting books that relate to our topic, so we group appropriate books on a display table.  The children are free to look through the books and check them out with their parent’s permission.

Book Table

Next week’s topic is FISH!

See you Tuesday at 10 am.

~ Tricia