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Unique Transmedia Experience


The area musician Timothy Parker and area visual artist Abbie Cianfracco are set to appear at the
Little Falls Public Library on Saturday February the 12th at 1PM, performing the unique merger
of audio and visual artist creation known as The Inscape Experience. A fusion of live music and
impromptu painting, The Inscape Experience begins when the artist lays brush to canvas and the
first note rings out. This process unites sound and vision, as the multi-instrumentalist interprets
the painting as it manifests upon the canvas.
The Inscape Collective is the union of the visual and sonic arts in the moments of their creation.
Inscape, a live multimedia experience has performed (or “canvased” as the visual arts refers to it)
at Sculpture Space, Munson Williams Proctor Institute and many various other regional and local
galleries, with upcoming performances planned at museums throughout the Northeast.
The seeds of the Inscape Collective were sewn on the streets of various cities where Mr. Parker
studied his craft. While Tim was a student, he could supplement his income by performing on the
street, also known as “busking”. Since his meals improved according to his ability to ‘read’ the
oncoming passersby, he began to paint ‘musical portraits’ of these potential patrons. He started
doing portraits of his friends and found it was a natural transition to do the same with paintings.
Mr. Parker has worked with various artists and presently performs alongside the visual art of
Abbie Cianfracco. Abbie is an artist and youth art teacher, teaching at local organizations and
also focusing on enriching the lives of disabled and at-risk populations.