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Zoom Class: The Civil War

Every Thursday in June, at 7 PM, we’ll host a Zoom class about the Civil War.
Instructor Giacomo Calabria will cover the prelude to war, the Peninsula Campaign, Antietam, Siloh, the debate over emancipation, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, the Second Battle of Fort Wagner, the battles of the Wilderness, the siege of Petersburg, Atlanta, and Sherman’s March to the Sea.
Zoom is an online platform that you can use on your tablet, cell phone or computer. It’s free and easy to use. Library staff will help you figure it out!

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The Civil War: A Military History

Join us for a four week class on the Civil War. Instructor Giacomo Calabria will cover such topics as the inner workings of the Lincoln administration, Civil War-era weapons, the major battles and campaigns of the war,and Union and Confederate strategies. This class is free, and brought to you by a grant from Humanities NY.