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Our fundraiser is November 7th!

We’re hosting a fundraiser on November 7th!

During the virtual event, three of the members of our Flash Fiction group (Sam McManus, Terry Rainey and Mike Cecconi) will read their original stories out loud. Tickets for the fundraiser are only $25! To purchase one, go to www.lflibrary.org/donations

oscar stivala and band

Interview with featured performer, Oscar Stivala

We’re having a fundraiser on November the 7th!
Here’s an interview with featured performer Oscar Stivala.

Q. What was it about the trumpet that made you want to play it?
A. When I joined the school band at 9 years old, I wanted to play the clarinet. But the old Maestro looked at and touched my lips and said: you are going to play the trumpet. Probably he needed trumpets more than clarinets.

Q. Who are your musical influences?
A. My musical influences are very extensive, from classical to jazz and folk music. But when it comes to Jazz, all the great trumpet players: from Armstrong to Gillespie, Miles, Clifford Brown, Freddie Hubbard, and now Winston.

Q. Why do you prefer improvisational jazz to other styles of music?
A. Improvisational jazz is the only real jazz and a style that takes a long time to develop.

If you’d like to watch and listen to Oscar’s performance, you can purchase a ticket for the fundraiser at www.lflibrary.org/donations


jimmy ichi interview

An interview with magician Jimmy Ichihana

Here’s an interview with magician Jimmy Ichihana. Jimmy will perform at the library’s upcoming fundraiser. To purchase tickets, go to www.lflibrary.org/donations

Q. What made you want to do magic?
A. I learned a few card tricks from my family, and then when I was thirteen, I had the opportunity to attend Tannen’s Magic Camp. It was a week of watching, learning, practicing, and performing magic. It introduced me to the larger magic community, and I was hooked

Q. Who was your first audience?
A. I grew up in Herkimer, so some of my first performances were small shows at places like the Salvation Army gym, Myers Park, and outside by the Basloe Pool.

Q. Is performing on tv different from performing for a room of people?
A. When I’m actually performing, the experience is similar – I’m focused on being present with the people in the room. But in preparation, there are differences because the camera never blinks. So for TV, I need to construct magic that works both for the live audience and for the audience watching the recording at home.

Q. Do you feel pressured to create a persona?
A. No, I just try to be myself and share material I enjoy performing.

Q. What made you decide to perform at the library’s fundraiser?
A. Matt Powers reached out, and we’re both Herkimer alumni, so of course I wanted to join for the event! Also, one of the very first magic shows that I watched was at a public library.

Q. How do you feel about magicians revealing how tricks are done? A. I think it really depends on the intention and what is being revealed. I love when someone creates a new trick and is willing to share and teach to those who want to learn. This is how the magic community can grow and improve. What I don’t like is when someone shares a secret that doesn’t belong to them or when someone shares a secret just to reveal it and reveals it to people that didn’t even want to know the secret. If you just want to enjoy a magic show, it is unfortunate if someone ruins it by revealing the secrets.

Q. Do people recognize you when you’re out at the supermarket? A. Ha ha, no. Maybe I need to work harder on my marketing.

Q. What is magic’s function, in your opinion?
A. Like other art forms, magic can entertain, make you smile, create shared experiences, express larger ideas, evoke curiosity, and make you think. Personally, it has also given me opportunities to travel and has connected me with lifelong friends.

Q. What other magicians do you like?
A. There are so many! Penn and Teller’s show continues to be fresh, fooling, and thought-provoking. Mario Lopez is a clever magician sharing off-the-wall ideas on Instagram. But if I had to pick a favorite, Juan Tamariz is at the top of my list. He is one of the living masters of card magic today. He thinks deeply about magic and his work is inspiring.

flash fiction

Flash Fiction: Vision 2020

We’re having a fundraiser on November 7th!
During the virtual event, you’ll have a chance to purchase a copy of “Flash Fiction: Vision 2020”.
It contains 21 short stories written during the pandemic by the members of the library’s Flash Fiction group.
It features cover art by Dori Cuda.
For more information, visit www.lflibrary.org/donations

private magic show

Win a Private Magic Show!

We’re having a fundraiser on November 7th!
You could win a private magic show by our featured performer, Jimmy Ichihana!
Ichihana has performed at the Shanghai International Magic Festival and on the CW show, “Penn & Teller: Try This at Home Too”.
Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the library.
Or, you can catch Jimmy’s show during our virtual fundraiser. For more information, go to www.lflibrary.org/donations

inn at stone mill

Raffle – Inn at Stone Mill

We’re having a fundraiser on November the 7th!
During the virtual event, we’ll raffle off dinner for two and a one-night stay at the Inn at Stone Mill!
Tickets are $10. You can purchase them at the library. You don’t have to attend the fundraiser to win – but if you’d like to, go to www.lflibrary.org/donations 

cafe at stone mill

Raffle – Cafe at Stone Mill

We’ve having a fundraiser on November the 7th!
During the event, we’ll raffle off lunch for 4 at the Cafe at Stone Mill –
Tickets are $5. You can purchase them at the circulation desk.
We accept cash and checks.
You do not need to attend the fundraiser to win – but if you’d like to attend, go to www.lflibrary.org/donations


Featured Performer, Chef John Luciano

We’re having a fundraiser on November the 7th!
One of our featured performers is Chef John Luciano.
Hailing from Boston, Chef John Luciano has worked in a wide range of fine restaurants in the Boston Market. His training began at Newberry College for hotel/restaurant management and culinary arts. From there he went directly to the Aujourd’hui at the Four Seasons Hotel. John quickly moved up the culinary ladder and became Sous Chef at Stephanies on famed Newberry St. From there, he opened up the fine dining French Restaurant Mistral. His first Executive Chef position was at Bella Luna. In 2013, John along with his wife moved to the Utica area to be closer to extended family. He held a number of high profile positions, including the Chowder House and ending at the Teugica County Club. After having built the kitchen and trained the staff at the Country Club, John was about to return to native Boston. Fortunately, before leaving he saw the ad placed by the new owners of the Canal Side Inn who had recently bought the business from longtime owner James Aufmuth. John has kept much of the feeling and tastes of the restaurant, while putting his own American twist on new and traditional dishes.
To see Chef John’s demonstration, you can purchase a ticket for our fundraiser, here: www.lflibrary.org/donations