Flash Fiction Archive 2018

BRIGHT: A Bright, Shining Star B.A. Sarvey

Word: BRIGHT Word Count 470 A Bright, Shining Star B.A. Sarvey The word “bright” entered her consciousness, as she squinted her eyes open a slit. Immediately, she shut them against the light. It made her eyes hurt. No warm, soothing fluid bathed them to diffuse the brightness into a dim, all-consuming halo of protection. Why […]

BRIGHT: Bright By Anne Nassar

Word: BRIGHT Word Count 473 Bright By Anne Nassar “It’s completely unfair,” his sister said. He kept quiet. He felt the same way, but could not say so. That would just egg her on. “I took care of her for years,” his sister said, “She used to call me in the middle of the night […]

BRIGHT: Bright is Subjective by G. Ackman

Word: BRIGHT Word Count 497 Bright is Subjective by G. Ackman People had always talked about him in low whispers, as if they thought he couldn’t hear or understand their insults, couldn’t feel the bite and sting of their words. He’s not very bright, they would say. Dumb as a box of rocks. In high […]

BRIGHT: Star Light, Star Bright By Sally Madison

Word: BRIGHT Words: 500 Star Light, Star Bright By Sally Madison Mary, seeing the child responding to the doctor’s medicine after setting the arm and leg bones, softly whispered to the little boy. “I see you are awake, my friend. I’m so very glad that you are better. You gave us a good scare. My […]

BRIGHT: The Babysitters By Peg Scarano

Word: Bright Word Count: 487 The Babysitters By Peg Scarano How do you decide your children are old enough or mature enough to baby sit for their younger sibling? At 14 and 10, I believed it was time to put these two to the test with their 5 year-old sister. I had to go to […]

BRIGHT/INUDATE: Yellow-Brights By Sharon Collins

Word: BRIGHT/INUDATE Word Count 50 Yellow-Brights By Sharon Collins Towering waves lashing the cliffside frighten Sister but not me. I know they cannot reach us. I love watching the flashes turn night into day. I love the echoes that boom and bounce off the cave walls. Tonight the storm is more terrible than any I […]

FUNAMBULIST: Blinking Lights By Mike Cecconi

Word: FUNAMBULIST Word Count 499 Blinking Lights By Mike Cecconi Here we are in the limbo between our flights that we call Layover, neither here nor there but more or less exactly where you’re supposed to be for now. Here we are in San Francisco and yet nowhere near a final destination. We’re in San […]

FUNAMBULIST: Fine Lines By Peg Scarano

Word: Funambulist Word Count: 460 Fine Lines By Peg Scarano There are so many times in one’s life when you have to have to walk that fine line, performing balancing acts more intricate than the finest circus juggler and more skilled than the most gifted funambulist. However, my balancing acts usually involved emotions rather than […]

FUNAMBULIST: Funambulist’s Nightmare By Sharon Collins

Word: FUNAMBULIST Word Count 197 Funambulist’s Nightmare By Sharon Collins The dreamscape rises each night with the moon. Stretched taut before me, a twisted cable of glistening steel, a tightrope of denial spans an abyss, an endless, echoing emptiness of abandonment. Behind me, riveted iron gates, a hundred stories tall, shudder against the surging flood […]

FUNAMBULIST: Millie’s Flowers By Sally Madison

Word: FUNAMBULIST Words: 458 Millie’s Flowers By Sally Madison Sandusky, Ohio will be in Millie’s memory for every. It was just another show, just like the previous 10 years of shows. All the people had left, and there, in front of Milliie’s station, was a bouquet of flowers. They were long stemmed white cala lilies […]

FUNAMBULIST: Orthography By Sam McManus

Word: FUNAMBULIST Word Count 500 Orthography By: Sam McManus The uneven sound of my loafers slapping against the floor echoed wildly in my mind as I crossed the expanse of the stage, certain of my impending humiliation. I fiddled with the change in my pocket, as a fidget, as a grounding wire to keep me […]

FUNAMBULIST: The Dreaded F Word by G. Ackman

Word: FUNAMBULIST Word Count 350 The Dreaded F Word by G. Ackman Famous Funambulist Suffers Fatal Fall as Reported by Francis Furloff, Fox Channel Four Last Friday, February the fifth is a day that no one will soon forget. A flood of frenzied fans began gathering at four in the morning, fascinated with Frederick the […]

FUNAMBULIST: The Reluctant Funambulist

Word: FUNAMBULIST Week 46: Word Count: 476 The Reluctant Funambulist By Maggie Robertson I stand on the precipice and eye the single rope that stretches across the valley. This rope is our village’s sole connection to the rest of the world, and our protection from it. Our village cannot be reached any other way, which […]

INUNDATED: Greater Atlantic Switchboard By Sam McManus

Word: INUNDATED Word Count 500 Greater Atlantic Switchboard By Sam McManus “Greater Atlantic Switchboard, this is Quinn,” proclaimed the slim girl behind the reception desk, headset protruding from her left ear, microphone poised at her lips. “Hi Quinn!” the man on the other end of the line replied, rather loudly. “I’m calling to report otters […]

INUNDATED: He’s Gone By Sally Madison

Word: INUNDATED Words: 460 He’s Gone By Sally Madison “Oh, Mary, “I’m so glad to see you here. You would not believe the councilmen’s meeting today. I was inundated with requests: the constable wants to go home after he has seen that all the tavern-goers are safely home, the teacher wants new slates, the preacher […]

INUNDATED: Her Pen By Peg Scarano

Word: Inundated Word Count: 461 Her Pen By Peg Scarano She had always loved to write. As a teen and young adult she and her pen vented her emotions through writing prose and poetry. Sometimes, her words would meander through pages and pages filled with emotions running the gamut of euphoria to despair. Not only […]

INUNDATED: Inundated by the Day by G. Ackman

Word: INUNDATED Word Count 497 Inundated by the Day by G. Ackman She sat at her desk and stared at the stacks of papers littering its top, each representing a task on her ever-growing “to do” list. She didn’t have enough time to finish any one stack, yet all were clamoring for her attention. Head […]

RETICENT: Of a Feather By Mike Cecconi

Word: RETICENT Word Count 491 Of a Feather By Mike Cecconi She was reticent to talk about it with her family or her friends but she knew she’d have to break it off with him. They’d met when he was working the bird desk at the biggest pet store in the area and she was […]

RETICENT: Reticent by Nature B.A. Sarvey

Word: Reticent 500 words Reticent by Nature B.A. Sarvey Daylight’s allotted time is lengthening. This is good, because winter’s prolonged darkness encourages my reticence. Given the chance, I would become a hermit, seeing no one, speaking to no one. I am reluctant to leave the comfort of my home at any hour, but more-so once […]

RETICENT: Shy Smiles By Sharon Collins

Word: Reticent Word Count 500 Shy Smiles By Sharon Collins Sister is shy. So am I. It is difficult not to be shy when you look so different from the rest. I think about how different Sister looks from other wolves. In the deep pine-shadows of the forest, she must have shone like a ray […]

RETICENT: That’s Using Your Head By Peg Scarano

Word: Reticent Word Count: 480 That’s Using Your Head By Peg Scarano For as long as I can remember, I have been an outgoing person. I love meeting people and talking to friends and associates – old and new. I believe this trait was an asset in my career of marketing, community services and fund […]

RETICENT: Would You Like Desert? By Sally Madison

Word: RETICENT Words: 491 Would You Like Desert? By Sally Madison The dinner was over and the young women were picking up the dishes to take to the kitchen of their student residence, when the door knocker sounded. “I’ll get it,” said Eloise, the house matron, as she proceeded to the door. “Oh, hello, Prescott, […]

RIGHT: Bathwater By Mike Cecconi

Word: RIGHT Word Count 498 Bathwater By Mike Cecconi You wake up knowing you died yesterday yet here you are, safe in bed. This isn’t the first time, it’s happened often enough to lose count, dead but alive, no one else able to recall a thing. You only remember it hazily yourself, like a film […]

RIGHT: Choices By Sharon Collins

Word: RIGHT Word Count 499 Choices By Sharon Collins The right choice feels very much like the wrong choice. I know that Shadow cannot remain with us. He was born wild and lives wild. Sister was born wild, this is true, but she lives with myself. We are not an entire clan, but we are […]

RIGHT: Make the Right Move (But Watch Where You Step) By Maggie Robertson

Week 51: Right Word Count: 490 Make the Right Move (But Watch Where You Step) By Maggie Robertson “Dad, the sheep are out, and in your Mother’s garden again!” Our fences never seemed to work. I have a classic photo from my childhood; my father is fixing the fence, with the two pigs, the calf, […]

RIGHT: Mr. Right By Terry Rainey

Word: RIGHT Word Count 498 Mr. Right By Terry Rainey Friday afternoon, New York. Hoping to get to Washington for dinner. Hot, muggy 7th Avenue, then hellish Penn Station. No track announcement for the 3:35 Northeast Regional 173 till 3:25, creating a packed herd of people jockeying for position. Watching the cattle converge on the […]

RIGHT: Right By Anne Nassar

Word: RIGHT Word Count 453 Right By Anne Nassar He was happy, sleeping on Gosia’s dorm room floor, in the narrow passage in between her bed and her roomate’s. Her friends were nice to him. They stole him food from the cafeteria. They fought over who would take him to class as their guest. They […]

RIGHT: Seventeen Miles to Reseda By Sam McManus

Word: RIGHT Word Count 500 Seventeen Miles to Reseda By Sam McManus The highway was long, from Long Beach, down to Reseda, and beyond, snaking like tendrils in two different directions, one through the desert and the other through patches of civilization, but both packed with cars. If you peered long enough out the back […]

RIGHT: Spare Me By Peg Scarano

Word: Right Word Count: 498 Spare Me By Peg Scarano My oldest daughter did well academically and while she didn’t excel in sports, she always gave it her all. When she was in middle school, she decided to join the bowling team. It was right up her alley as it didn’t matter what the weather […]

TRAINING: Broken Trinity By Sharon Collins

Word: TRAINING Word Count 441 Broken Trinity By Sharon Collins Grant ran marathons. His religion was Training and he worshipped daily, a mad monk at the Altar of Mileage. Leigh knew that when she started dating him. The Loneliness of a Long Distance Runner was Grant’s favorite book. Leigh wished she had read it before […]

TRAINING: Game of Thrones By Peg Scarano

Word: Training Word Count: 499 Game of Thrones By Peg Scarano I think there are few life experiences that can compete with the excitement, anticipation, gratification, apprehension, anxiety and expectation of parenthood. There are a lot of “firsts” to look forward to in those early years on this earth. The first smile, burp, full night […]

TRAINING: Missing By Sam McManus

Word: Training Word Count 500 Missing By Sam McManus A sliver of moon peeked out from behind the dark twilight clouds, but no one was paying any attention to the scene. In fact, absolutely no one was outside of their houses in the entire town, the streets pristine and silent in the misty air. It […]

TRAINING: Outshined By Mike Cecconi

Word: TRAINING Word Count: 495 Outshined By Mike Cecconi Proxima and Rigil, two of the sisters Centauri, two of the closest stars to our very own sun, they like to watch us from afar sometimes, up there in the night sky. It isn’t night to them, of course, there’s no such thing as night for […]

TRAINING: Training By Anne Nassar

Word: TRAINING Word Count 466 Training By Anne Nassar Stana and her new mother went to church most mornings, unless the weather was bad. When the service was over, they knelt and prayed for Stana’s family. Stana only pretended. She believed in God – He was as real to her as her own hands. But […]


Word: TRAINING 431 words TRAINING PAIN By Nan Ressue By the time I turned sixteen, the idea of working had never floated through my head. This all changed when my father asked, “Do you want to get your own job or shall I get one for you?” Miraculously, I had a job at the local […]

TRAINING: Training Thrown to the Wind by B.A. Sarvey

Training 499 words Training Thrown to the Wind B.A. Sarvey Some men are destined to destroy things; some are destined to preserve them. Unaware of his role, Gerald, high above in the balloon’s basket, gawked at the landscape, enraptured. He absorbed the artistry of lines and angles, arcs and squiggles, circles and planes, stunned by […]

TRAINING: You Intrigue Me By Sally Madison

Word: TRAINING Words: 474 You Intrigue Me By Sally Madison One evening after several meals in the castle dinning room, the two lieutenants were absent and the General, still in uniform, but with buttons undone and with his tankard of port wine, was relaxed. Sitting in the master seat, with his back to the kitchen, […]

WARNING: Givin’ You a Warning By B.A. Sarvey

Word: WARNING Word Count 499 Givin’ You a Warning By B.A. Sarvey Who does he think he is? Calling me loser. Never amount to nothing. He’s the friggin’ dropout. He’s the one quittin’ school. Not me. Stuart slammed his locker shut. Kicked it for good measure. Started walking away then turned back, slammed his fist […]

WARNING: Initiation By Sam McManus

Word: Warning Word Count 500 Initiation By Sam McManus The trick is to keep breathing, to inhale and exhale in perfect rhythm, just like when making out with the CPR dummy in order to get that ever elusive first aid certification. But that’s hard to do when she keeps watching me for signs of distress, […]

WARNING: Julie’s Flowers By Sally Madison

Word: WARNING Words: 500 Julie’s Flowers By Sally Madison Julie’s stomach had turned and churned with excitement, anticipation and dread the first time she had seen her. Julie’s heart broke, as she could only have imagined what Millie’s life had been like. She had seen the posters. She knew what Millie looked like, but she […]

WARNING: No Warning By Sharon Collins

Word: Warning Word Count 499 No Warning By Sharon Collins Sister journeys away from me more often of late. She is gone again tonight. I fear she seeks to leave me. I will miss my beautiful, white she-wolf if she does leave, as I need her far more now than she needs me. Long past […]

WARNING: The Best Laid Plans By Peg Scarano

Word: Warning Word Count: 499 The Best Laid Plans By Peg Scarano There are some things you just cannot prepare for not matter how prepared you think you are. And we all know – the best laid plans always need a Plan B. If you don’t have one, make one! A great Plan A for […]

WARNING: Warning By Mike Cecconi

Word: WARNING Word Count 492 Warning By Mike Cecconi His future mother-in-law called him “Jimmy”, even though his given name was James Sheng and nearly everyone since junior high just called him “Jim”. Qingzhao’s mother was a tiny tanned tin tyrant but she doled out the terror in her sometimes-subtle ways, she was letting “Jimmy” […]

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