Flash Fiction Archive 2018

BRIGHT: A Bright, Shining Star B.A. Sarvey

Word: BRIGHT Word Count 470 A Bright, Shining Star B.A. Sarvey The word “bright” entered her consciousness, as she squinted her eyes open a slit. Immediately, she shut them against the light. It made her eyes hurt. No warm, soothing fluid bathed them to diffuse the brightness into a dim, all-consuming halo of protection. Why […]

BRIGHT: Bright By Anne Nassar

Word: BRIGHT Word Count 473 Bright By Anne Nassar “It’s completely unfair,” his sister said. He kept quiet. He felt the same way, but could not say so. That would just egg her on. “I took care of her for years,” his sister said, “She used to call me in the middle of the night […]

BRIGHT: Star Light, Star Bright By Sally Madison

Word: BRIGHT Words: 500 Star Light, Star Bright By Sally Madison Mary, seeing the child responding to the doctor’s medicine after setting the arm and leg bones, softly whispered to the little boy. “I see you are awake, my friend. I’m so very glad that you are better. You gave us a good scare. My […]

BRIGHT: The Babysitters By Peg Scarano

Word: Bright Word Count: 487 The Babysitters By Peg Scarano How do you decide your children are old enough or mature enough to baby sit for their younger sibling? At 14 and 10, I believed it was time to put these two to the test with their 5 year-old sister. I had to go to […]

BRIGHT/INUDATE: Yellow-Brights By Sharon Collins

Word: BRIGHT/INUDATE Word Count 50 Yellow-Brights By Sharon Collins Towering waves lashing the cliffside frighten Sister but not me. I know they cannot reach us. I love watching the flashes turn night into day. I love the echoes that boom and bounce off the cave walls. Tonight the storm is more terrible than any I […]

FUNAMBULIST: Blinking Lights By Mike Cecconi

Word: FUNAMBULIST Word Count 499 Blinking Lights By Mike Cecconi Here we are in the limbo between our flights that we call Layover, neither here nor there but more or less exactly where you’re supposed to be for now. Here we are in San Francisco and yet nowhere near a final destination. We’re in San […]

FUNAMBULIST: Funambulist’s Nightmare By Sharon Collins

Word: FUNAMBULIST Word Count 197 Funambulist’s Nightmare By Sharon Collins The dreamscape rises each night with the moon. Stretched taut before me, a twisted cable of glistening steel, a tightrope of denial spans an abyss, an endless, echoing emptiness of abandonment. Behind me, riveted iron gates, a hundred stories tall, shudder against the surging flood […]

FUNAMBULIST: Millie’s Flowers By Sally Madison

Word: FUNAMBULIST Words: 458 Millie’s Flowers By Sally Madison Sandusky, Ohio will be in Millie’s memory for every. It was just another show, just like the previous 10 years of shows. All the people had left, and there, in front of Milliie’s station, was a bouquet of flowers. They were long stemmed white cala lilies […]

FUNAMBULIST: The Reluctant Funambulist

Word: FUNAMBULIST Week 46: Word Count: 476 The Reluctant Funambulist By Maggie Robertson I stand on the precipice and eye the single rope that stretches across the valley. This rope is our village’s sole connection to the rest of the world, and our protection from it. Our village cannot be reached any other way, which […]

INUNDATED: He’s Gone By Sally Madison

Word: INUNDATED Words: 460 He’s Gone By Sally Madison “Oh, Mary, “I’m so glad to see you here. You would not believe the councilmen’s meeting today. I was inundated with requests: the constable wants to go home after he has seen that all the tavern-goers are safely home, the teacher wants new slates, the preacher […]

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