New Art Exhibit Featuring Susan Canorro

The Little Falls Public Library is pleased to announce its upcoming art exhibition Progression by
local artist Susan Canorro, in the public library’s Community Room gallery space. The show will
run from January 13th to February 16th, free and open to the public during the library’s regular
operating hours. The library’s Community Room is a handicapped-accessible facility.
Ms. Canorro began her journey with watercolor painting roughly two years ago. Susan feels that
each piece she creates teaches her something new that she can utilize in the creation of her next
painting. Her favorite part of the creative process is when a detail presents itself organically to
her and, by accident, ends up working wonderfully. Susan has also made use of household items
to create unique effects in watercolor works, some of the unorthodox material applications have
included such media as saran wrap, salt and even rubber cement. Trial and error have been a key
component of her learning process, for certain. Many times a certain color will be the inspiration
for a piece and the ensuing composition will form from that initial seed of a single choice in hue.
Currently, Susan is exploring abstract art though the use of acrylics on canvas. She has enjoyed
the creative process of her art and now looks at the world with different eyes, though the lens of
artistic experience, as she now sees how inspiration can pop-up in the most unexpected of places.
Encouraged by local arts groups, Susan has displayed her works at the Little Falls Art Walk, at
the Mohawk Valley Center of the Arts, at the MWPI Sidewalk Festival and now currently with
this installment in the Little Falls Library “Art in Public Spaces” exhibition series.
For more information on this and other upcoming library events, you can visit the Little Falls
Public Library’s website at, check out the library’s Facebook homepage at or contact by phone at 315-823-1542. The Little Falls
Public Library appreciates the opportunity to share local arts and culture with the community!