We’re hiring!

The Little Falls Public Library is seeking applicants for a Library Page position. A description of the position is as follows:
Library Page
Part time, 15-20 hours per week. $13.20 / hour.
Must be flexible to work throughout the week, evenings, and Saturdays.
A 30-day probationary period is a condition of employment.
Typical requirements to be a page are:
High School Education required with preference given to additional education.
Ability to alphabetize and put things in numerical order. Much of a page’s job typically will include putting books and other items back where they belong; shelving and shelf reading.
Ability to lift, bend and reach.
Ability to communicate clearly with patrons, co-workers and supervisors.
Ability to follow library policies and procedures, especially as related to issuing library cards, checking out items, and collecting fees.
Ability to count change and handle money.
Ability to work with computer applications.
Ability to work with and troubleshoot office machines, such as copiers.
Preference is given to those with prior experience in this, or similar, roles.
Preference given to those with experience with technology: computers, phones, devices, etc.
Please complete our brief application and submit your resume via Google Form at: https://forms.gle/pWHndxGSPwmuU4uL8.