Local Artist, Allen Kazmerski’s “Holiday Cards from Paintings and More,” Exhibit Now through January, 20

The Little Falls Public Library is pleased to announce a new arts exhibition “Holiday Cards from Paintings and More” by local artist Allen Kazmerski, now through January 30th 2022, in the library’s Community Room gallery at 10 Waverly Place, Little Falls. During the regular library hours, patrons and community members will be invited to peruse the festive scenes and further additional non-seasonal tableaus put forth in Mr. Kazmerski’s latest painting collection.The Community Room art gallery space is wheelchair-accessible and there are no admission fees for this exhibition. Many of the paintings will also be available for purchase by the public at-large.
Mr. Kazmerski turned his focus to the visual arts, after his retirement seven years ago. He found that his lifelong appreciation of architecture and natural beauty served as training for the artist’s eye and encourages others to see those experiences in that way, as the first step in the practice of painting. Allen still considers himself new to the craft, still experimenting with different subject matters for his art. Landscapes and still-lifes, boats and trains, pianos and his grandchildren, he finds himself open to the entire world’s worth of inspiration for his creative output. He finds his time at the easel to be a state of near-meditation, of being lost in the scenery, lost in the process, relaxed within the flow of the creation. For Allen, a painting is not just about the beauty or the craft, but also indeed a form of self-care. He is of the opinion that the art of painting could help many others as well to stop for even a few minutes at a time to balance themselves and breathe.
In terms of this particular latest show’s worth of pieces, Mr. Kazmerski credits his friend Mena Cerone with the inspiration for this theme. He was impressed with a holiday greeting card that she had painted, and was inspired to paint holiday themes that were turned into holiday greeting cards for family and friends. Those pieces eventually culminated in this newest mostly-holiday-themed art show.
For more information on this and other upcoming library events, you can visit the Little Falls Public Library’s website at https://www.lflibrary.org, check out the library’s Facebook homepage at http://www.facebook.com/littlefallslibrary and the library’s Instagram page at https://www.instagram.com/lflibrary/or contact by phone at 315-823-1542. The Little Falls Public Library appreciates this opportunity to share local arts and culture with the community!