TESTAMENT: “Yes, Detective Evans Here.” By Sally Madison

Word: Testament
Words: 500

“Yes, Detective Evans Here.”
By Sally Madison

“Yes, then why does she think that this matter is for Scotland Yard?… Oh, I see.”
“Yes, Detective Evans here. No, that would be my father, Superintendent Martin Evans. He’s
retired. This is Detective Samuel Evans…. We’re a little short handed here today. I’ll take the
information down now, if you don’t mind.”
“You say that the jewels were in the safe, but no one has been to visit you since you put them
there two weeks ago, after the party.”
“Ok, but who did you speak directly to who would have had a close eye on them. Yes, Brown,
Wilson, Peterson, Robertson, Morgan, Smith, Stewart, Reid, and host, of course, Mrs. MacDugal.
No, of course not, I will get the full list from Mrs. MacDugal. Did any of them appear to be
overly interested in your jewels? And that was the last time you had them out of the safe? And
you say that you were at the theater, which day? And shopping, from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM on
Tuesday and Wednesday, and a fitting on Friday at 5:00 PM, before you went to the theater.
Why did you look for them, today? I see, you are going back to Glasgow tonight? And you sent
for the Metropolitan Police just before you rang for tea, correct? And you have not left that room
at any other time, of course the powder room. Who did you have for guests, for tea perhaps?
Mrs. MacDugal, yes, as a return gesture. Mrs. Robertson, Mrs. Morgan, Mrs. Reed, Miss Smith,
anyone else? Well, if you should remember, please write it down and I’ll review it when we talk
“Who else was at the party, on Tuesday? And you say you were gone from 7:00 PM to 2:00
AM, correct? And when you returned, did everything appear to be as you left it? Of course, the
bed would have been turned down. Anything else you can think of?”
“Who was there, who would have seen you wear them? Of course, everyone. Did you notice
anyone who was especially interested in the jewels? Yes, and did she actually touch the earbobs?
Diamond and black pearls, you say… could you describe the jewels, please.”
“Please repeat that, I want to get this right. She was facing her husband, who was standing close
to her and facing you across the room, ogling over her husband’s shoulder. Turning green with
envy, you say…, can you think of another way of putting that, I don’t think I should reporting
that she’s a hussy, or trollop.”
“Were the jewels insured? Which company? How much? Whew! Ok, that makes it grand theft,
with a capital T.”
“You will need to sign the testament papers. I’ll write this up, and then be over in about an hour.
When do you leave for Glasgow? Ok, then, make that a half hour. When do you expect to be
back? That will be fine. I’ll wire you, if we need you back sooner.”

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