MELODY: Perfect Harmony: Let Your Light Shine By Josh McMullen

Word: Melody
Words: 500

Perfect Harmony: Let Your Light Shine
By Josh McMullen

Elodie and Leo walked through the gate to Veteran's Memorial Park, and it was like they had never left
that cool summer night just a year ago. Elodie looked up at her boyfriend, resplendent in his green
Diamond Dawgs uniform with his duffel bag slung over his shoulder. Green is a good color on hiim, she
thought as she twisted a ringlet around her finger.
They were greeted with handshakes by the entire staff as they went over particulars for the newest
Diamond Dawg: things like when to be at the park for batting practice and what his goals were for the
upcoming season. They assigned him a locker and a schedule, then showed the two around the stadium.
There was no doubt about it: they couldn't imagine coming anywhere other than Little Falls.
They were showing Elodie around the press box and demonstrating how to work the soundboard when
the owner's phone vibrated furiously. He picked it up, and with each passing second, his face fell. “You're
playing the national anthem tonight; the singer just called in sick,” he said, pointing at Elodie. “No big
deal, it's just under…”
“Sir, Elodie could sing for you,” Leo said abruptly, smiling at his girlfriend, which made her go
completely pink. “She's one of the best singers I know,” he continued, which made her go as red as the
baseball cap the owner was wearing.
“Leo, you know I can't sing,” Elodie whispered fervently. “I freeze up in front of everyone but you.”
“I know you can do it,” Leo whispered back, squeezing her hand. “Just let your light shine, Miss Elodie.”
Giving his girlfriend a smile that made her turn completely crimson, he patted her back and walked to the
field. “Well, that's a pretty ringing endorsement,” the owner said, chuckling and setting a microphone in
Elodie's trembling hands. “If he thinks you're going to do okay, so do I.” With a pat on her back, he left
her alone with her terrified thoughts.
As the fans continued to pile in, Elodie stood before the gate to the field, frozen to the spot. Sure, she was
an angel when she sat down to a piano, but singing, and to an over-capacity crowd of over 4,000?
When her name was announced, Elodie walked out behind home plate, and prepared to sing. There was
one problem though: no words were coming out, as if her throat was frozen shut. She looked out at the
people in front of her and began trembling…until she felt a familiar hand on her shoulder. She looked up
and saw Leo, who gave her a smile that seemed to say, “follow my lead.” Without a second hesitation, he
started singing: “Oh, say can you see…”
With renewed courage, Elodie joined in, making a stirring melody that turned into a standing ovation.
Once they hit “the home of the brave,” they were met with wild applause. They smiled at each other. now
knowing that together, they had perfect harmony.

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