MELODY: Orchestrated Journey By Peg Scarano

Word Count: 495

Orchestrated Journey
By Peg Scarano

We know I have issues traveling. And we know my husband surprised me with plane tickets to
Italy early this summer. This was not music to my ears but I didn’t want to sound like a broken
record so I sucked it up, put on my smiley face and prayed this would not be my swan song.
A week before our departure, Rock’s sister and her husband made last minute adjustments in
their lives to come with us. This was music to my ears as Carolyn, who marches to the beat of a
different drum, always helps me to face the music. However, our tickets were from Newark to
Toronto to Milan while Carolyn, five days before the trip, managed to get a non-stop flight from
Newark to Milan. This hit a sour note.
We got to Terminal C in plenty of time and asked an agent, who helped us electronically check
our bags, about the possibility of getting on the non-stop flight. She said it may be possible but
would cost about $300 each. Forget that. We checked our bags to Toronto and went to our gate
which, it turned out, was in Terminal A because we were not going directly to Milan. Thirty
minutes later, after a train ride (complete with elevator music), we were where we were supposed
to be.
Rock wandered off and returned telling me to follow him with my passport. He somehow hit the
right note with an agent and fine-tuned our trip by getting us on the non-stop flight at no extra
charge. Hopefully, they found our luggage to Toronto and were moving it back to Terminal C.
This struck a major chord for me as we took the ground shuttle back to Terminal C with bells on
our toes. We headed for the United Club to use the free passes Julie and Mike had given us.
This place really tickled my ivories as it offered free food, free red and white wine and free
vodka! What more could I ask? However, the receptionist said Carolyn and Joe could not enter.
I texted Julie and 30 seconds later my phone chimed with two more passes on the screen. When
Carolyn texted to say they were parking the car and asked if we had time for a drink, we told
them to meet us at the United Club by Gate 75.
We met them at the reception desk and sat down to wet our whistles in celebration of our
incredible luck. A while later, I went to talk to an agent to confirm our luggage transfer. He
verified our bags were already on the plane. And, to make the trip even more harmonious, the
agent changed our seats so we were directly behind Joe and Carolyn.
Let’s get this show on the road! I was feeling fit as a fiddle and whistling Dixie as the four us
boarded the plane to face the merry melodies awaiting us in Europe.

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