HOLDING: Atlantis Lost – Chapter 7 By Sharon Collins

Word Count 499

Atlantis Lost – Chapter 7
By Sharon Collins

Let me no longer fill the firelight with dark rememberings. My brother-priest’s mission has awakened
happy memories, and I would share them with you, starting with those of our Oracle, so beautifully blue,
that he hopes to rebuild east of this place.
In the courtyard of the Temple of Poseidon stood The Oracle’s twelve sentinels. Coral, carved from the
living floor of the ocean, each was the height and span of a man standing with his arms thrown wide.
Upon them in tiles of rare lapis lazuli and clear crystal were inlaid the birth-constellations which yearly
wheel across the night sky, a year-full of midnights, a month at a time. During the daylight hours, the
Oracle hummed with activity. Birthmothers could be seen placing their newborns within the dawn-
shadow cast by the stones of their birth and asking blessings of the Star Beings who brought us to this
world. I and my twin were laid before the Stone of the Lion by our royal mother as the third sunrise of
our breathing brightened the eastern sky. When the sun was at its zenith, lovers thronged, pledging their
devotion while standing before their birth-stones, especially glad if their stones stood opposite, across the
courtyard. For those pairings, were the most harmonious and destined to bring the greatest joy. To stand
within Blueness of The Oracle was a privilege unreserved during the light of day. At night however, the
privilege belonged to the Seekers and to the Seekers alone. When the twelve Seekers, six men and six
women, convened on nights of the new moon, the magic they released was miraculous. .
Of course you question, and I answer you, ‘No I am not a Seeker. I am the Keeper of the Crystals that the
Seekers needed in order to seek.’ I know it sounds like a child’s rhyme; let me explain. The songs of my
gemstone-daughters, are the engines that powered our society. The High Priests and Priestesses wove
that power into incredible accomplishment and advancement. They also shared my children with the
Seekers, who had only one crystalline child, a daughter so small, so black, so heavy she absorbed all light
and sound. When the twelve girls were brought together within The Oracle and the Ritual of Holding
performed, the Seeking began and the magic of Knowing flowed.
Eleven Seekers wearing skullcaps of purest silver embracing each, one of my daughters, stepped to the
sentinel of his or her birth, bowed and requested the gift of Knowing. Turning and positioning the dome
of the skullcap into the depression, perfectly paired within the stone, began the awakening. When the
Lead Seeker, wearing a cap not of silver but of graven crystal containing their dark daughter positioned
over his Third Eye, stepped to the last sentinel and made contact, the encoded knowledge of the Star
Beings began to flow. In a miracle of magic, the stones released the Songs of Knowledge they had been
holding for us since the Time of Arrival.

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