ASHES: Back to the Mansion By Sally Madison

Word: Ashes
Words: 495

Back to the Mansion
By Sally Madison

The plans were all set. Lloyd would provide the distraction at the tea ship, while Earl escorted the
Lord Mayor and Miss Mary to the Bowers’ house through the dark alleys.
Mary, who had been strangely quiet, finally erupted. “I cannot go! I would be deserting all that
my family has stood for, what of our loyalty to Cousin George? It is treasonous not to fight for
civility and put these rebels in their place. I will be shunned by my family.”
Her husband Richard, who was the Lord Mayor, Earl and Lloyd stood there astonished into
silence. “But, Mary, they tried to kill you… and me.”
Mary, hanging her head, knew that he was right, but she still could not imagine the future through
her disheveled life. “No matter what the consequences, I need to get back to the mansion,” she
insisted. “There are things there that are more important to me than anything in the world.”
Earl considered her comment for a moment. She was right; they would need money, if nothing
else. “It’ll be tricky, but I think we can manage it. Most everyone is down at the park. We might
be able to sneak into the servant’s door. Here, put this scarf around your hair like the
washerwoman does. Let’s go, but quiet mind you, and try to stay out of sight.”
At the mansion, there were still a few stragglers who were watching the remnants of the fire burn
some of the paintings, books and small chairs they had taken from the mansion, when the mob
dragged Mary and Richard out to tar and feather them. Fortunately, the looters left alone anything
that was too large to carry easily.
Earl led Mary and Richard into the vegetable garden, and handed them each a few squashes.
“Anyone whats’ spots us, will think we’re stealing these. Either way, they won’t pay any mind.
Now, you go quiet-like into the back door and warn your help not to let on who you are.”
Earl went to the fire circle and poked the ashes. “Looks like everyone went back to Finnegan’s. I
hear that Old Tom Paine was buying beer for anyone of like mind.” said…
“You aint’ goin?’ said one of the straglers.
“Nau, me pa needs me to drag his sorry ‘ars back to our place.” Earl lied, “You go ahead, I’ll be
along later.”
Mary and Richard stealthily snuck into the house. Mary ran to the parlor. Opening the drawers
and pressing various pressure points of her desk, she finally opened the secret compartment.
With a sigh of relief, she grabbed the mahogany box that matched her desk, and hugged it to her
chest. Gently she ran her fingers across the beautiful desk that had been her wedding gift. “Until
we meeting again she spoke to the desk.” She sighed. Carefully she opened the box, which held
her most prized possessions, her jewels and the black pearls and the family’s heirloom.

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