SMITTEN: The Love Bug Bites By Peg Scarano

Word: Smitten
Word Count: 497

The Love Bug Bites
By Peg Scarano

So many emotions echoed through me when Jenny told us she was pregnant with my first grandchild. Excitement, anticipation and happiness topped the list. After a few hours, the mom madness made its way into my mind and I started battling with trepidation, anxiety and thoughts of all the things that could go wrong. My gut instinct screamed at me to forbid her to run the Boilermaker, go to the gym or even work, drive the car, shop or live her life for the next six months. After all, she was responsible for the tiny Casper-like creature living within her for the next six months.

I fretfully awaited the phone call after each appointment with the doctor. Once a week, she patiently sent me a picture of her ever-changing body to pleasantly assure me the baby was growing even though it was a constant reminder to her that her body would never be the same again. When we found out it was a boy – the first boy in our family – those initial sentiments came racing back. Oh my God! A male child! I never had one of those before! Will I ever learn how to take care of a boy baby? More worries to mess with my mind.

Fall evolved to winter. Thanksgiving and Christmas came and went. The time for the arrival of this much awaited little baby crept closer. After three days of labor, which I am still convinced was harder for Noni than the mom, Henry Stone made his debut.

I first saw him when he was one day old. He was cute enough – dark hair and eyes; chunky with rivers of wrinkles everywhere. I held him. I hugged him. I kissed him. He didn’t respond much but I felt tiny tugs at my heartstrings. We were there for the first two weeks of his new life, but my job was chief cook and cleaner-upper. The new parents were determined to take care of their son all by themselves – and kudos to them. It wasn’t easy as they had to deal with jaundice along with the standard long, sleepless nights and fits of crying because that’s just what babies do.

Then it was over a month before I saw him again. I was allowed to hold him more often and when we had one-on-one time together, I got a Noni smile when I executed nonsensical Noni faces and noises. Each time we have been together since, I know those squinty-eyed smiles and laugh-out-loud giggles he gives me when I perform my Noni nonsenses are just for me. He is so smart, adorable, precious – a picture of perfection! The strings that tugged on my heart six months ago are now full-blown industrial-sized cables drawing me closer and closer to this little bundle of blooming personality. I am totally smitten with him…Because when a child is born, so is a Noni.

And, I get to do it all over again in a few months…!

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