SMITTEN: Smitten By Nan Ressue

Word Count 499
By Nan Ressue
I was in that cage a long time. I know it’s an improvement over dirty, neglected, hungry and lonely but so many weeks went by that I was getting depressed, waiting for somebody to notice me when inquiring families came to the shelter. They aren’t all acceptable from a dog’s point of view you know and it doesn’t take long to sort them out. It was those little kids, innocent but deadly, who would poke you with sticks, yank your ears, and try to shove marshmallows in your mouth. When the leash came out for a trial run, I simply laid down and became immovable.
At last, the perfect family showed up at the shelter last week. You can bet I put on the best performance of my life. Standing tall and alert, wagging my tail when they looked at me, and turning some circles so they could get the full effect, licking the little girl’s hand. You know…the works. When the leash came out, I walked at heel like I had received an A in obedience training.
I’ve got a new home! They have a really nice house and I will be the designated watch dog. I also get the newspaper, escort the kids to the school bus, bark when the doorbell rings, and guard the door. I’m wide awake at night while the family sleeps…just in case.
I’m hoping they don’t notice that there are times during the day when I’m gone. I’ve fallen in love with the dog next door. .She is beautiful, sweet tempered, gentle, and generous, often sharing her kibbles with me after we had played tag on the lawn and taken a nap in the bushes. I’m in heaven!
Love can lead you astray you know. The lady of my house had roasted a chicken for the family supper and it was cooling on the kitchen island. You know how some dogs feel about birds, especially cooked ones with the aromas caressing my nose and the drool running down my chest. My smitten heart won out over my family loyalty as I waited my best opportunity. Ah perfect…the telephone is ringing and that’s not my job. She put the pan down and went around the corner to answer. If I stood on my back legs, I’m just tall enough to grab a wing tip and drag the pan over to the edge. I slipped next door to the woman of my dreams with the best present I could find.
I put off going home as long as I could. When I got back to the kitchen I saw the bread and the peanut butter on the counter so you know what they had for supper. They took turns yelling at me but they didn’t give me a ride back to the shelter. Now I have to figure out how to make up. Think hard will you because I really need your help on this one. Got any ideas?

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