REFLECTION: My Brother, My Reflection By G. Ackman

Word Count 499

My Brother, My Reflection
By G. Ackman

Mom, mom. He’s here again. Here – in your closet. . Come quick and see.

Mom, mom. Look at him. And he’s barking. I can’t hear him, but I see his mouth open and he’s hopping backwards a bit, so he must be barking. Stupid dog – maybe he doesn’t know how to make that sound come out. It’s so important to be loud and continuous, so that the humans know that something is there – or that we think something might be there.

He’s so short too. He’s rather funny looking, with that long nose and those wrinkled little legs. He can’t even stand up straight. His legs go out to the sides.

I’m just going to give him a quick smell. I’ll head around to his information end – wait – where did he go? He’s gone. I’ll turn back around quick… – oh, there he is. He’s barking again.

I guess I’ll have to smell his front, but doesn’t have near as much information.

Ouch! He hit my nose! And he doesn’t smell at all. That’s really weird.

Mom, mom. Are you going to come see or not?

She closed the closet door. Now he’s stuck in there, bu I’ll give the closet one good bark just to let him know that I am on to his tricks. I’m protecting this house and my mom. I won’t let him get out of that closet – no way.

Mom is talking to me again. I don’t really understand, but I want her to think that she’s making sense. It would hurt her feelings if I didn’t understand, so I’ll cock my head to the side and wrinkle up my face a bit. She likes that. She always says that I know just what she is thinking when I do that. She’s kind of silly, but I love her anyway.

Up. I know that word. She’s taking me to the place where she does her business. It always seems strange to me – she does her business inside. I get in trouble when I do that, but I guess she gets to set the rules. I would think she would prefer to go outside on the yard like I do. Well – except in the winter. I hate that. You have no idea what it feels like to have snow wrap all around your – ummm – dangling bits – at five in the morning. What a heck of a wake up call!

Anyway – she’s holding me up and pointing to the wall. Why? What’s….oh, it’s that dog again. How did he get out of the closet? I’ll get him. She wants me to stop wiggling, but I have to bark at that funny looking dog again. He just keeps barking back at me.

Mom is saying soothing words. I hear – “it’s all right” and “reflection.” I don’t know what that reflection word means but it must be the name of that other dog. She used that “it’s all right” when she brought my brother Harry home. Welcome home, reflection.

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