NIMBLE: Nimble and Fleet By G. Ackman

Word Count 467

Nimble and Fleet
By G. Ackman
“Come on, come on. All you people sit down and let’s go. Are you ready yet? Huh? Huh? I am. Here comes Brennan. Ok, let’s go. Oh,yeah, he’s telling them all about the fluffy toys. Like anyone really cares. They’re so stupid – but they do make me look good. All white ones, black faced ones, brown ones – doesn’t matter to me. I am in charge of all of them. My name is Brae and I am the best of Brennan’s pack. I know eight specific commands – here, sit, stop, stand, away, come by, lie down (I don’t like that one!) and walk on and I know my numbers one to six. Brennan has a special whistle and when I hear my sound for each command, I do that to get those woolens right where Brennan wants them. I had to learn to only go on my specific whistle sound. That was hard when I was little, but once I got it, I was ready to really work. I love the wind in my fur as I race across the field, doing what I can to make Brennan’s life easier.

My littermate Brody does a pretty good job, but he sometimes gets my away sound mixed up with his own away sound. That keeps him from being brought out when all the people come to see me work. That’s okay with me too. I don’t much like sharing with him.

Are we ready yet? All those fluffy toys are on the top of the mountain, just waiting for me to tell them what to do – well, as soon as Brennan tells me anyway. Yes, there it is. His arms are raised, the whistle is in his mouth – ready, set, go. Full speed up the hill on an outrun towards the fluffy toys. Come on – away, away, come by, away, walk on…There they go, running together in one big fluff ball, right where I want them to be.

Down in the gulley…back up against the fence. Turn and look at Brennan. Done. There you go, Brennan. Just where you wanted them. Aren’t I just the best? Whistle again – okay, he wants two of them on the other side. I can do that. You two, fluffy things there, you go to away – not you, you stay put. You aren’t part of the two I picked. I give them my eye so they know not to move.
Awww, the people are clapping and Brennan is bowing. He thinks they are clapping for him, and I just laugh because I know they’re clapping for me and my nimble antics with the fluffy toys. Thank you all very much!

A quick drink of water and I’m ready for the next time. Let’s drive these things back up the hill.

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