LIMBO: Perfect Harmony: Get A Hit And It’s Yours By Josh McMullen

August 29 – LIMBO
Words – 495
Perfect Harmony: Get A Hit And It’s Yours
By Josh McMullen
Elodie strode across the stage confidently and set her sheet music down on the stand. This was it: the big one. Leo said before they left that it was like bases loaded, no-out situation in the bottom of the ninth. All she had to do was get a hit and it was hers.
What “it” was was an audition to get into Setnor School of Music at Syracuse University. Many tried to pass the rigorous admission auditions, and almost as many were left going to a safety school. Elodie was bound and determined to be one of the few who would be shopping for more Orange clothes (though she was also as determined never to take Leo’s LeMoyne sweatshirt off).
Her music didn’t stand out too terribly: Beethoven’s Fur Elise, plus a medley she had created herself of Romantic Period pieces, but she had put her heart and soul into arranging it to tell the story of herself and Leo so far. She sat down, folding her orange dress under her, and took a deep breath, picturing him in his mind’s eye. Without further hesitation, she began to play.
When she was done, she quietly folded up her music and walked off stage, her dress billowing behind her as she did so. She knew she had done as well as she could have, and she had left no doubt that she deserved to be there. If they didn’t like it, Elodie thought, it’s their loss. I’ll just go to LeMoyne and leave them in the rearview mirror.
The next couple of weeks seemed like a temporary limbo for both of them. Leo waited for his official welcome letter from the Diamond Dawgs, while Elodie wore a hole in the floor waiting for something, anything from Syracuse University.
“It doesn’t take this long for them to accept me, does it?” Elodie said after two weeks had passed with no word. “LeMoyne’s already accepted me, and I didn’t even need to audition for them.”
“I know it’s hard, but you need to relax,” Leo said. “Someone told me they had something like 500 people trying to get in this year. You know how many they’ll probably take?”
“They told me…20 at the most. Probably all of them have gotten their letters and are jumping with joy right now.”
“I don’t think they can keep you out,” Leo said, spinning her around and wrapping his arms around her like a blanket. “Not after the performance you gave.”
Elodie noticed something as they embraced: she felt the envelope, and knew immediately what it was. “You got your day to report? When are you leaving?”
“Day after graduation,” Leo said quietly. “Just after the season starts.”
Elodie stood there, trying to absorb the information, when a couple of envelopes slid under her door: one from Syracuse University, while the other was embossed with a Diamond Dawgs logo. She didn’t know it yet, but both held the keys to her future…

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