HELP: Perfect Harmony: One Of The Lucky Ones By Josh McMullen

Word: HELP
Word Count 499
Perfect Harmony: One Of The Lucky Ones
By Josh McMullen

Elodie tore open the letter from Syracuse with such gusto that it became confetti in seconds. She immediately noticed the first sentences: We enjoyed your well-put-together performance. You should be proud of your commitment so far to the piano.
She searched every letter embossed on the stationery thoroughly, looking for any semblance of a “but” or “however”. Elodie looked it over three times in this manner, and finding no mentions of either of those words, she was finally able to cry out in a triumphant scream. She could now consider herself one of the lucky ones.
Elodie seemed to defy gravity as she leaped into Leo’s arms and buried her head almost completely into his chest. He caught her as she floated down, cupping his hands around her waist like a prima ballerina and helped bring her back down to earth. “I did it,” she said, as joyful tears filled her eyes. “I got in. I’m going to SU.”
All Leo could do was smile as tears stained his sweatshirt. Those arms that could swing an aluminum bat as effortlessly as a toothpick now fully engulfed a sobbing Elodie as the prospect of hawing her dream fulfilled finally hit her. Then, he noticed the letter from the Diamond Dawgs…addressed to Elodie. “Hey, you got a letter from Little Falls, too.” he said quietly, but just as confusedly.
“Can you read it?” Elodie asked, trying and failing to wipe away joyful tears. “Why would they be sending me a letter? You’re the one they want, aren’t you?”
Leo tore open the envelope and eased the letter out. His eyes oscillated across the pages several times. One sentence permeated the rest: We hope you will join us this summer as a member of one of the greatest staffs in the league. Leo gave Elodie the letter, partially confused, but mostly dumbfounded with joy. They wanted her to come and work with the team. In what capacity, he wasn’t sure, but somehow they had seen something special in her. When she read the letter, her smile escalated by about a hundred watts.
“D-does this mean…what I think it means?” Elodie said quietly.
“Yeah,” Leo said. “They want you to come out and be a part of the staff. I talked to someone in the front office during the game. I told her how talented you were and what you were going to do once you got out of school. She told me she wanted you to come and help out this summer and come out with me. They’ll figure out all the bells and whistles if you accept.”
Elodie stood there, absolutely shell-shocked. She was wondering how she was going to manage without Leo for the entire summer; now she didn’t have to. The tears surged down her face anew, her joy hardly contained and her heart soaring. She jumped right into Leo’s arms again, overjoyed by what her boyfriend had done for her.
She truly was one of the lucky ones.

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