HELP: Not So Modest Proposal By Nan Ressue

Word: HELP
Word Count 496
Not So Modest Proposal
By Nan Ressue
“Hey Joe! What’s up with you Man?”
“Well, I just heard a great idea …
“Are you going to get around to telling me or are you just going to dance around and avoid it?”
“Just promise me that you will hear me out before you give me your opinion, O.K.?”
“O.K. deal,” Walt agreed.
“I heard on the news yesterday that some of the schools out west are going to a four day week. You can bet that the goal was to save money
Oh, that sounds like Heaven…I could sleep in until noon.”
“Now here is the exciting part. We could have that fifth free day as Enrichment Days, he said, his face flushed and his eyes twinkling with excitement. Wouldn’t it be great to have time to try some things that you don’t have time for now?
“Well like what?”
There would be time for field trips, creative writing, and maybe a debate team. The school hasn’t had a newspaper for a long time. Maybe some students would be interested in journalism. How would you like to try a different musical instrument? Have you ever thought about being in a jazz or rock group or maybe form a dance troupe? How about theater?
The city has two pools. There could be water polo or synchronized swimming.
How about learning individual lifetime sports like golf, tennis, and bowling? Could different sports like rugby or cricket be introduced? Maybe a chance to try out a different sport already in progress. I know there is interest in robotics. Maybe somebody would help us with that.
I’m beginning to like this Joe.
You know we could switch things around so the girls could have shop or learn to use heavy equipment and the boys could sew and experiment in the kitchen. Maybe kids in academics could try some trades like carpentry, electricity, stained glass or modify engines from junk cars
“I can tell you’ve been thinking, that’s for sure”, said his friend, slapping him on the back.
Wouldn’t it be great if there was time for upper classmen to shadow different occupations before they had to make any decisions? It might lead to internships you know.
The programs for Enrichments Days would have to be designed by parents, teachers, students and community facilitators found who would contribute instruction in skills in which students have shown an interest. We definitely would need a coordinator.
Maybe summer school could be based on interesting learning rather than being a dreaded place for students who have failed. Friday could be extra help day for kids who were having trouble.
Think of it Walt…A day every week to do something new with other people who are interested in learning from teachers who want you to know what they know. Enrichment Days could make our school district one of the best in New York State.
“I don’t know Joe. Do you think it could start at noon so I could still sleep in?”

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