SOUL: Perfect Harmony, Part Four: The Overture of Elodie and Leo Josh McMullen

Word: SOUL
Words – 499

Perfect Harmony, Part Four: The Overture of Elodie and Leo
Josh McMullen

Elodie had known Leo since their first days together, by sheer coincidence, at the babysitter they shared. Her name was Lacey and she sat in the background as Elodie and Leo grew up together. Even so, she could swear that the two were forever destined to be intertwined. From the moment they were set down for a nap together, she swore up and down she saw Leo smile at Elodie.

Maybe it was her bright aquamarine eyes or the fact that it was someone to pay attention to him, but Lacey knew (even before the two of them did) that their souls just fit together, like two puzzle pieces stuck together in the cosmic box.

Even as they headed to school, Elodie and Leo were inseparable. The two would play in the corner, Leo keeping Elodie entertained while she read the whole classroom library and played on the toy piano that was more like a xylophone. Elodie wound up helping Leo learn how to not only read, but read music as well, which earned him the lead in the kindergarten’s play “The Alphabet Family Goes To The Zoo.” Leo, in the starring role of “Papa L,” managed to bring down the (admittedly biased) house with his rendition of the alphabet song.

Despite that, Leo continued to find his niche in baseball. He set town records in just about every category and managed to graduate from tee-ball before he made it to first grade. No matter what, though, he always invited Elodie along with him for the post-game ice cream cone. Sure, he took some barbs from his teammates, but eventually, Elodie (despite the fact that she had no idea what was going on) was accepted as almost a member of the team.

Everything was fine, until one day after Leo’s team suffered a hard loss in the championship game. Elodie had just come from the bathroom when she overheard someone talking about her.

“Why does she have to come all the time?” one of them said. “She’s not a part of the team.”

“She doesn’t even say anything,” another said. “She just sits there. Man, she’s weird. Doesn’t he know what’ll happen if he keeps hanging out with her?” After saying that, the first kid started shuffling around like some kind of zombie.

He didn’t get much further as Leo stormed in, a flurry of fists. Before anyone knew what was happening, the bullies were rolling on the ground with him, shoving and punching each other before the adults came in to break everything up.

“It’s not my fault,” Leo said to the parent who was herding him to one corner of the room. “They were making fun of Elodie,” He kept repeating to anyone who would listen.

All Elodie could do, all the way home, was look at him and smile. Sure, she had gotten him grounded and benched for a week, but someone had defended her, and that was enough to make her heart and soul full.

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