SCULPTURE: No Michaelangelo By Peg Scarano

Word: Sculpture
Word Count: 471
No Michaelangelo
By Peg Scarano

Last week Sam told us God dropped dead at a board meeting while all the apostles, angels and saints sat there dumbfounded. This scenario got my mind whirling. Could God really die? Many times in the past I have thought perhaps God really did desert us. Why did he allow loved ones to suffer so while waiting to join Him? Why did He take friends and relatives before their lives were complete? And those are just a couple of my personal questions. What about the earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, 9/11, school shootings, car bombings? In a perfect world, why do all these things have to happen? Maybe God did drop dead at that board meeting.

Fortunately, thoughts like this (thanks, Sam) do not overtake me on a regular basis. Usually I can find the good in things. I may have to press my mental abilities or physically search more meticulously, but I know there are good people and good things out in this world. Sometimes we just have to be more diligent in recognizing them. After all, God helps those who help themselves, right?

So I tried to think of a miracle for every disaster or tragedy. I found this exercise to be difficult and decided to blame the news media. They obviously prefer to broadcast the horrific stories more than the heartwarming, uplifting, smile for a mile stories. Why is this? Who wouldn’t want to hear about lifesaving heroics or simple Samaritan anecdotes rather than death and dying, murders and rapes? It beats the hell out of me. (Sorry God).

Then I think about all of the talented people God put on this earth. The artists, architects, physicians, scientists, entertainers, politicians (well…that’s stretching it), but you get the general idea. From where does all this greatness arise? I think it is referred to as “God-given talent”.

I have better luck on a personal basis. I mean, I had my own trials – Emily’s accident which blinded her in one eye; parents and in-laws who fought long battles on their way to God’s paradise; and a sister-in-law whom God took from us six weeks prior to her son’s wedding. But, for the most part, God has blessed me more than cursed me.

I have no God-given talent to be immortalized. I’ll never create a Pieta or a Sistine Chapel or even a Mona Lisa, but I somehow managed to raise three intelligent, independent daughters who are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. I believe I had a hand in molding these young women, but the inspiring and memorable sculptures into which they each have evolved, is because of their own determination and drive and just maybe they had a little help from a higher power.

Sam, upon further review, I think God was faking it last week.

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