LIGHTNING: Lightning Nan Ressue

Word Count 468
Nan Ressue
“Come On! Come on! Hurry Up! They are going to be out and we won’t be ready. It’s been dark for a couple hours.”
“I’M really not sure I want to. They’re alive aren’t they? What’s going to happen after they been in the jar for a couple days? They are all going to be dead, aren’t they?”
“Oh knock it off. You’re such a chicken heart. There’s a million of them and we’re only trapping a few just to watch their lights flash.”
Well, O.K. but I’m only trapping three, said the little sister.
Her brother handed her a glass mason jar with one of those screw on lids.
“These are perfect traps Alice. They’re not heavy, have slippery sides so they don’t crawl out, and made of clear glass so we can see them flash their lights.” Come on Sis. Let’s start out in the back yard by those trees beside the garage.”
“OOOO! Look Buddy! How beautiful they are! Just like diamonds on a black velvet sky, winking on and off’” dreamed Alice.
Well, that’s pretty romantic. I’m taking mine to school to dissect for a science experiment.”
Do you think we should creep up [on them or run at them full speed?”
“You can creep. I’m running and off he went on a tear, holding his jar high with the opening facing the wind.
Alice took off her shoes, feeling the new soft grass between her bare toes, moving slowly toward a group of lights clustered in the side yard. She gently extended her arm toward them and moved the jar in a gentle arc.

“Perfect,” she praised herself. One, two, three, flashing their lights through the glass in the darkness…
Buddy, are you hurt?” whispered his little sister.
No” I’m OK but drat! I had a jar full before I tripped over the cat and smashed my jar.”
”Well’, as Grampa says, “Haste makes waste and you sure wasted yours.”
“Thanks a lot for all that sympathy. There’s a lot more and this time the cat goes in the house.”

Meanwhile, just five minutes previous, there was conference underway.
“Have any of you been thinking about how we could get out of here? asked the alpha fly Artie from the bottom of the glass jar. I sure can’t do any flashing under a pile of flies that just zoomed in here with no thought of where they were going.
“Has anybody got any bright ideas for escape? Silence…..Nobody?”
“OK let’s apply logic. We can’t fly out since the jar lid is screwed on. We can’t crawl out because the sides of the jar are slippery. Our only hope is for a trip, smash, and dump”
“Get ready boys cause here comes the cat. CRASH!
“See you around everybody. Better hit the off switch for a few minutes.”

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