NIMBLE: Mom Be Nimble By Emily Scarano

Word: Nimble (2)
Word Count: 455

Mom Be Nimble
By Emily Scarano

It was the end of another fun afternoon playing with my cousin John at his house around the corner. The grown-ups had been in the other room all day doing who knows what when Mom and Dad came and told me it was time to go. Mom seemed a lot more bubbly and energetic than when we got there so I wasn’t too sad to leave – maybe we would play a game or do a puzzle when we got home and continue the day’s fun! After we said our goodbyes and got outside, much to my surprise, Mom suggested that we race home, despite the slight wobble in her step. It really wasn’t like Mom to challenge me to physical competition, but of course I was up for the (easy) challenge. I revved up and took an early lead, but Mom was right at my heels, until we reached the hill. At that point I took off and reached our porch in no time for the win. Although it was an easy win, it was a blast!
When Mom finally reached the porch, she was out of breath and wobbling a bit more. She congratulated me on my victory as she climbed the steps and just as she was about to officially claim second place, I saw her foot catch the top step and she started to go down. Before I could even react, she was face-down on the pavement but she got up just as quickly. How strange – Moms never fall down! And again, before I could even comprehend that Mom had fallen, she was at it again. This time she toppled backwards, completely off the porch at an angle I’ve never seen someone’s body in before. I had never seen her so nimble! As Dad lunged forward and tried to catch her, she landed in the bushes, her head just missing the step’s sharp corner. It all happened so fast that I was still standing by the door out of breath and in shock.
When Mom finally got up onto the porch (with Dad’s assistance this time), I looked and saw her bleeding from all over. As a kid who was always bloody from scrapes and cuts, I wasn’t really fazed by it, other than the fact that it was my Mom who was bleeding. It then became clear to me that Mom’s sudden regression back into childhood probably had to do with a few too many adult beverages. I may have been young, but I knew the signs.
As Mom hobbled into the house, I couldn’t help but get excited for a little child-to-mother payback – I ran into the bathroom, grabbed the peroxide, and was ready to play the role of “Mom!”

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