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Happy Mother’s Day
By Peg Scarano

I get overcome with a sense of serenity whenever I talk about the fact my husband and I have been living in a state of wedded bliss for nearly 44 years. You may sense a bit of sarcasm in my tone, because some recollections feel like finger nails scraping the blackboard. Some memories really do radiate a sentiment of love and gratitude. However, not this one.

I’m sure all moms can reflect upon their first Mother’s Day with a new baby and the anticipation felt wondering what the new dad was going to get her in recognition of all the hard work she had done over the last year. There was the initial nine months of being an incubator and giving up certain recreational activities and suffering whenever you ate your favorite hot wings. And the magnificent transformation of our young, tight bodies into every mom’s favorite children’s book character – Dumbo.

I know dads claimed they were helpful (even thirty years ago) but let’s face it, the majority of the diapering, cleaning, washing clothes, changing sheets, feeding (especially if you were a nursing mom), walking the crying critter and forgetting what a full night’s sleep felt like – mostly fell on dear old mom – or I should say, dear new mom. For these reasons, I thought my first Mother’s Day present was going to be spectacular!

We visited my mother-in-law with a nice little token of love and appreciation in hand for all the time she had put in being a mom. I bought that present, by the way, and the one for my mom which I had sent a week earlier to Florida. But my mind was awhirl with ideas of what my grateful husband had gotten for me as his token of appreciation.

I finally got the baby to sleep and wearily headed to the bedroom awaiting my big surprise! There he was, sound asleep, purring as only a man can and there was no prettily wrapped present in sight. I was heartbroken. But I never said anything, thinking it was his first time. I would buy him a great father’s day present and next year, I would reap a double reward!

My second Mother’s Day arrived and after visiting his mother, he went straight to work spending three hours fertilizing the lawn. This year I wasn’t going to let it go. I nailed him! “What the hell is the matter with you? Two years in a row and no Mother’s Day present!” I was waiting for him to say, “But you’re not my mother.” Instead, without a moment’s hesitation he said, “I did buy you a present! I bought you $200 worth of weed and feed for the lawn!”

Since then, for Father’s Day, my husband has always received a frivolous present in the form of a new dress or outfit or something extravagant I truly wanted for myself. I wrap it up and make him open it every year. And this is how a marriage lasts for 44 years.

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