SPRING: Spring By Nan Ressue

Word Count 429
By Nan Ressue
Many of us have seen you. We have all wondered at those swirling orbs overhead, those group formations of mysterious shapes, some modest, some gargantuan. We know about the vehicles which execute breath taking aerial maneuvers as they accompany aircraft in flight. We have heard about occasional interactions with terrified humans and we worry….we wonder…
Who are you and where did you come from? We already know what other planetary worlds are like because Hubble has shown us. We‘ve seen inhospitable gaseous environments with deadly swings in temperatures and the dryness everywhere with its parched, cracked surfaces. Colors proclaiming death, the sickness of grey dust and orange red deposits of unknown minerals poisoning the surface and always…dryness everywhere.
We know you have supplied assistance to our race in the past because Einstein and Tesla have told us of their mental connections to intelligence greater than theirs. You leading the way has resulted in giant leaps forward for the common good in many ways. We value the unbelievable physical remnants in which you have played a part. They attest to your concern for our welfare and advancement and give us hope that you are here for a benevolent purpose.
Yes, we do know about the moon and the truth that it was not always there. Intelligence greater than ours placed it as an observation platform, a giant hollow metal ball, covered with craters of equal depth, one which vibrated for hours after the free falling lunar module crashed on the surface. The astronauts never told us what was on the back side of the moon. Are we capable of guessing? Are there fragments of your world that are beyond our comprehension?
Do you have a sun star centering your world like we do, providing the just right amounts of heat and light for you to flourish? Our precious water ranging from trickling springs to unfathomable oceans makes us unique among most. Yes, we do have one of the universe’s treasures. Life giving water, precious beyond diamonds, giver of the colors you see when you draw near; .heavenly blue and luscious green for without the blue there can be no green.
Yes, I know why you are here and why you return. It’s our treasured water and it will always be. It’s water, the beginning of our life stream and without it, the unquestioned end of it all.

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