SPRING: Give Me a Break By Peg Scarano

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Give Me a Break
By Peg Scarano

It’s supposed to be the time of year when the dirty snows of winter melt away the salt and grime that collected in our streets and in our lives over the past four or five months. The days get longer in spite of the fact we turn our clocks ahead an hour. The earth moves closer to the sun and every normal human being under that sun wants to get outside to be closer to it. It is time for cabin fever to go away while we all anxiously await the most anticipated malady of all – spring fever!

I’d like to know, what the hell happened this year? I go away for the majority of the winter for two reasons. The first is because I don’t enjoy being cold and housebound and the second is because I am lucky and I can. One would think when you plan to arrive back to Central New York on the 16th of April that spring would be well established and in the midst of making great strides to green things up.

Not only did I come home to all browns and grays, it snowed today! Isn’t that just a fine howdy-do!? There is not a touch of green anywhere! The wind is blowing like it is the middle of March and I have been chilled to the bone since I stepped out of the car. Let me just add, three days ago I was in north Jersey, a mere 150 miles from here, and it was 83 degrees! How long have I lived in a polar vacuum or on the polar express? Too long apparently!

Since there was nothing that was going to lure me outside today, I decided I might as well spring into action in the house. This was really a no-brainer since we gutted the kitchen while we were away and every single thing that belongs in my kitchen is currently in a bedroom. This is a huge inconvenience. And, in order to put things away, I pretty much have to spring clean (how ironic is that?) every single thing I touch.

I have only been home a day and the weather has caused me to lose the spring in my step which I had revitalized while basking in the warm southern clime and breathing the salty sea air. I remember, while sowing my wild oats in college, we used to celebrate the end of winter with a spring break! Now I find myself longing for winter to give me a break!

As I take a break from cleaning to whine about my homecoming, I am looking out my new glass back door at the gray sky and the white flakes floating in the air, trying to keep in mind Alexander Pope’s famous quote that “hope springs eternal in the human breast”. I am eternally hoping in my heart that spring will spring before summer arrives!

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