SINGING: Singing from the Heart by G. Ackman

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Singing from the Heart
by G. Ackman

I woke to the sound of singing. I recognized the song and the voice, but how could that be? She wasn’t here. She used to sing it to me anytime I was sick or hurt or sad. Sometimes I think she sang it when she was sad too. And she always hugged me while she sang it.

I remember the last time I heard it. I had been so tired and my legs hurt all the time. Every morning when she helped me up to go outside, I cried as my hips grated into place and then felt bad that I sounded like a little puppy. I saw my pain in her eyes and knew that she felt every twinge I did. That year, spring took its time getting here, but finally the snow melted and green grass filled with the smell of rabbits. I might have had much on me that didn’t work anymore, but my nose still did. I ambled down the hill tracing that rabbit’s progress. Both the rabbit and I knew he could outrun me. But I had fun trying.

Then at the bottom of the hill, my back end went one way and my front went the other way. I had to pull myself up the hill with my front paws, one slow step at a time. Mom-mom came running down and tried to help but I kept going.

Inside, I let my eyes speak to her heart and she knew what I was saying. I was tired. That night I had the best dinner – a cheeseburger and a whole order of fries, just for me. I ate every one of them and then had an ice cream cone. Mom-mom put this smelly black stuff on my nose and paw and kept pressing paper on it. I thought that was kind of silly, but it seemed important to her, so I just went with it.

The next morning, the man came. I knew why he was there. I could tell mom-mom and dad were sad so I thumped my tail to tell them it was okay. Mom cradled my head in her lap and sang “You Are My Sunshine” to me, just like she always did. The next thing I knew, I was here in this green meadow, young and strong and romping around with all these other animals.

But now I hear her singing again. My four dachshund friends – Missy, Brandy, Harry, and Oscar – they know that song too. I look and see an old woman coming up the path. Her familiar walk starts a flurry of wagging tails. As we five run to greet her, the song plays over our hearts and memories. She is our sunshine and now she is with us again. We have so many things to tell her and show her. As she kneels down and opens her arms to hug us all, my heart is singing right along with her.

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