Word Count 338
By Nan Ressue

Their private lake was that luscious, smooth, sheet of turquoise, beautiful calm waters with a kiss of warm sunshine. It was a perfect day for them to be outdoors, enjoying both the shore and its margins, small scale adventure, safe for children. The blue heron stood on its skyscraper legs, pecking for grubs in the shallows and the frogs hopped like long jumpers from rock to stone, displaying their athletic best.

The lake was smooth as plate glass with no ripple or current marring its perfect surface. Johnny dipped in a toe to start the concentric circles moving outward from its center… Two small boats lie at anchor in a quiet cove while their sailors optimistically threw their fish line over the bow, waiting patiently for that unsuspecting fish to swim by.

“Johnny, I got a bite on my line’” Ellen whispered to her brother, not wanting to scare her fish away.
“Set your hook in his mouth when you feel him bite again,” instructed the big brother, whispering back.
”Oh drat’” she pouted. “He took my worm and swam off. Don’t bump into my boat John. I don’t want to fall in.”
WHOA THERE…IT’S A STRIKE! John yelled excitedly. “WOW, Look at my pole bend! It must be a bass. I’ve got to play him back and forth a while and get him tired out. He swims out, I reel him in. Get the net ready Ellie. He’s a big one.”
“O.K. Scoop the net just under the surface and you’ll have him.”
“Stop being so bossy John. I know what to do”, she replied with her hand on her small hip.
“LOOK OUT!” warned Johnny. You’re going to lose your balance and fall in!” SPLASH! Hang on Ellie. Never mind the fish. I’ll save you!” swimming through the blue to her rescue.

“John! Ellen!” called their mother. Time for lunch. That blue carpet makes a great lake I know but it’s time for sandwiches. Push your armchair boats back in place and come wash your hands”

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