NEST: No Regrets By Peg Scarano

Word: Nest
Word Count: 458

No Regrets
By Peg Scarano

It was spring. The foliage was my favorite minty green color mixed in with the fragrances of melting snow and new life while the air rustled with a slight breeze and I heard the chirping of birds happy to be back home. As I was appreciating all these senses and enjoying my morning coffee, I saw branches fluttering in a nearby bush. I inched closer to get a better look.

It was a robin. Her little mouth was full of twigs and after each trip, a perfect circle started to appear. I continued to watch her fly back and forth, each time bringing with her yet another little piece of nature with which to build her nest. She placed dried leaves that survived the long winter at the bottom of her perfect circle to serve as a comfy bed and she delicately wove long pieces of neglected grass between her twigs for warmth. And while she labored, she sang.
When she was finally finished, I felt like I had watched a renowned artist complete a true masterpiece.

A few days later, there were three little blue eggs nestled in mama’s little house. I couldn’t watch for long because each time she returned, she let me know she was not at all happy to see me. I just wanted to visit with her and share some stories, but she made it very clear she wanted no visitors.

At last, I heard little peeps coming from the bush. Peeking in, I saw three gaping little mouths. Mama swooped in making a warning racket while not losing the juicy worm she held tightly in her beak. I quickly moved away so she could perform her mama duties in peace. It did my heart good to watch this mama love and nurture her babies

The routine continued as I watch the little hatchlings grow and thrive with their mama’s love. It was a beautiful sight to behold. Then came the day when mama felt trusting enough to hand over the car keys to her kids. She and I watched as, one at a time, the three babies flew off on their own.

I got a cup of coffee and sat with mama (who was ready to talk to me now) and we silently commiserated our empty nests. “You did good mama. You provided a warm and safe home. You nurtured your babies into healthy young adults. You gave them their wings and now it’s their turn to fly. There should be no regrets and hopefully, you saved a little nest egg for yourself now that they have spread their wings and gone to live their lives.”

I wonder if she’ll be back next year so I can relive my life yet again.

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