NEST: N.E.S.T. Error Message 616 By Mike Cecconi

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N.E.S.T. Error Message 616
By Mike Cecconi

Hello. Welcome to N.E.S.T. Natal Emulation-Simulation Therapy. If you are reading this message or receiving it as auditory stimulus, there has been an interruption in the cycle of your simulation. Do not be alarmed, these interruptions are brief and remedied by a short reset. The interruption can be confusing for a participant deep within the narrative flow of a simulation, however, so this message has been programmed to help you remain calm. Your own personal simulation will be seamlessly rebooted in short order. The following information should be beneficial during this limited period of programmic restoration:

You may have been inside this simulation so long that you have forgotten it is a simulation. You may have been inside for so long that you believe you are only a human being, born then alive then dead and that’s all. This delusion is encouraged to add verisimilitude to the simulation and to reinforce the lessons learned but it is not the whole truth. You are a fragment of the universal consciousness that chose to enter the N.E.S.T. simulation to better understand the concepts of empathy and joy, loss and grief, pleasure and pain, sympathy and mortality. You were assigned to a randomized experience as a human being within the confines of the N.E.S.T. and allowed to believe it the whole of your experience, to allow the full weight of the lessons of attachment and impermanence and love as a mortal being would learn them. A previous iteration of N.E.S.T. did not account for the way some lessons are not properly absorbed if a situation is regarded as play or as a consequence-free game. The current version of N.E.S.T. corrects for that past flaw-set.

Whatever your name or face or human form, you are a fragment of the universal consciousness experiencing a human life to better learn about yourself as the universe and how to be better in your loving and understanding. This does not mean that your actions with other humans within the simulation are meaningless, indeed, many of the other humans inside your simulation are other fragments of the universal experiencing slightly different randomized experiences in mortality and feeling. If you bring harm to them, whether thoughtlessly or with malice, you are in fact slowing your own progress within N.E.S.T. and theirs as well. You are all fragments of the universal mind learning about yourself within the N.E.S.T. simulation. When you hurt other participants, you are literally hurting yourself and you will feel and remember that pain at the end of your current simulation. When you harm them, you are harming your progress within your simulation and you are literally hurting a part of yourself. This is important to note.

Your simulation should restart momentarily. To facilitate a sense of consequences, you will at most remember this message as a work of speculative fiction or as the rantings of a madman. This will allow for a seamless reintegration back into your simulation. Welcome to N.E.S.T. Natal Emulation-Simulation Therapy. Good-bye. Good luck.

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