Saturday, April 28th “Our Forty Years of Beaver Adventures”

Owen and Sharon Brown, leaders of Beavers: Wetlands & Wildlife (BWW) will give a multi-media program, “Our Forty Years of Beaver Adventures,” on Saturday April 28 at 1 pm in the Community Room of the Little Falls Library. They will share highlights of their beaver experiences that began as volunteers with Dorothy Richards at Beaversprite Sanctuary. BWW later created International Beaver Day on Mrs. Richards’ birthday April 7.

Beavers: Wetlands & Wildlife BWW is an educational nonprofit that focuses on beaver benefits and the best ways to coexist with this keystone species. The Browns often consult about beavers and give programs, including during trips to Alaska, Scotland and China. They have rescued beavers, and raised four orphan ones —the stars of a short film, “Meet the Beaver” that will be shown.

Owen Brown, who has a PhD in Solid State engineering, is president of the nonprofit that focuses on nature’s engineers. Sharon Brown, who has an M.S. in Zoology, is a wildlife biologist whose photos and articles have appeared in national magazines. They share their 300-acre Wildsprite Sanctuary with two beaver families.

All are welcome at this event, where brief BWW elections will be held, and free beaver posters and refreshments will be available. Please enter the library by the main entrance: 10 Waverly Place, Little Falls, NY. Call 518/568-2077 for more information (please see two photos below), and 315/823-1542 for directions.

Owen Brown in Beaverlodge at the start of the Alaska Highway

Sharon Brown swims with an orphan beaver kit that she raised as a wildlife rehabilitation

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