SPIRIT: Spirit By Nan Ressue

Word Count 210
By Nan Ressue
I envision that core strength of inner spirit as a small, golden, tapered flame, upright and glowing, protected on each side by cupped hands, pure and steady, inextinguishable. It is representative of truth, beauty, dedication, and goodness. It may be disfigured or diminished by painful circumstances but never destroyed. It is capable of rejuvenation through supportive love, well deserved success and happiness. Add this spirit to another of the same vibrational rate and there is deep joy. It is the place where you will find your lover.
A group of likeminded spirits will rise to many occasions and purposes with a rush of energy and unbreakable bonds of community aimed at the common good.
The community spirit expands and refines into the national spirit which has withstood world wars, Holocausts, and World Trade Center disasters, the invisible becoming powerful with our immeasurable depth of pride in our precious American flag.
And now the children of our nation have joined their spirits in a pledge to make their world safe from gun slaughter while the adults stand aside, stunned that youth has stepped forward to promote and demand changes that lead to that all important common good, accomplishing together what was impossible alone, convinced that the best is yet to come.

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