SPIRIT: Are You Kitten Me?! By Peg Scarano

Word: Spirit
Word Count: 474

Are You Kitten Me?!
By Peg Scarano

When we first moved to our neighborhood 36 years ago, there was an elderly lady and a cat that lived three houses away. I’ll call her, Mrs. K, and her cat, Cat. During the warm summer nights when our bedroom windows were open to let in the cool breezes, we would hear Mrs. K, in her high, piercing voice call Cat. “K-I-T-T-YYYYYYY! K-I-T-T-YYYYYYYYY!” It was like clockwork, between 10 and 11 p.m. every night.

One winter, after we had lived there around 12 years, Mrs. K. passed away. She was the first one on our street to leave us since we moved there and there was a sense of emptiness in the neighborhood. Her house was sold to new neighbors by spring and life moved on.

It was a warm July night and we had had friends over to enjoy some adult beverages while sitting by the pool. When everyone went home, I cuddled with a good book in the living room while my husband went to bed. I was just about to call it day myself when Rock rushed in and shrieked, “Did you hear that???” “What?” I calmly asked. “I just heard Mrs. K calling Cat!” “You did not. You had too much to drink. Go back to bed.” And so he did.

About two weeks later, we once again had a small gathering in the backyard with friends which, of course, included wine and spirits. This time I went right to bed and Rock decided to watch some television. I was just dozing off when I heard Mrs. K calling Cat! Oh my God! I jumped up, ran to the living room and screamed, “I just heard Mrs. K.!” He calmly responded, “You enjoyed too many beverages. Go back to bed.” And so I did.

While this may sound like we had a drinking problem, we truly enjoyed hanging out with our friends and enjoying some fine wine and adult beverages and a few weeks later, the same scenario occurred. This time, both Rock and I went to bed. I was just drifting away to dreamland when I heard, “K-I-T-T-YYYYYYYYY!” My eyes popped open. I didn’t want to look over at Rock, but I did and I could see the whites of his eyes. “K-I-T-T-YYYYYYY!” I looked at him, horrified. He looked at me, equally horrified. We ran for our robes and headed out the back door to see the ghost of Mrs. K!

I could end the story here – but I’ve been told ‘no cliffhangers are allowed’…

As it turned out, it wasn’t Mrs. K we heard for all those years. It was another neighbor who lived in a different house who was still very much alive and well and apparently, so was her cat. However, we will forever remember Mrs. K as her spirit lives on through this story.

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