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The Tales of Tails – Fix It Please!
By Peg Scarano

After a short trip in my portable prison, I found myself in totally different surroundings. It took me several days to acclimate myself. I spent hours and hours exploring every nook and cranny of this new place to assure myself I was the only feline in residence. This exploratory expedition was mandatory, but thoroughly exhausting. However, I was finally convinced my new humans might just be the real cat’s meow.

I cautiously presented my aloofness despite blatant acts of bribery on the part of the humans. I was presented with toys, fresh greens that seemed to make me feel oddly light-headed, delicious treats from their dinner as well as satisfactory tidbits of feline treats. I wasn’t yet confident to display my best behavior or my excited hope that I may be permanently adopted for fear these humans would desert me like all the rest.

One day, the male spent a lot of time at the window in the feeding room. Once he went on to do other manly fix-it things, the female picked me up and shoved me through this hole in the window. I thought to myself, “That’s it. I’m done.” I dejectedly started to slink away. Suddenly, the female picked me up and shoved me back through the same small door from which I was just rudely expelled. This process went on for what seemed like forever days. Suddenly, I got it! This door was just for me! I could come and go as I pleased! It was a magical miracle!

Every day I got to go in and out of my door to explore the outside world. One of the first things I did was make friends with a four-legged creature that was smaller than me and did not look like me at all – well except maybe for his cute tail. He was so much fun. I snuck up on him from behind. I caught him with a paw and batted him around a bit. I would toss him up in the air and catch him again and again. We had the best time!

But I somehow broke my little toy. Since I learned the male human could fix things, I promptly picked him up and ran into my little door and put him down on the floor. The man human finally came around the corner and I began rubbing his legs while singing loudly. He looked at me in horror and shouted, “What did you do to this chipmunk? You’re a bad cat!” I tried desperately to explain that I was only playing with it and it broke. “Just fix it for me, please”!

He immediately got a crackly, scary bag, picked up my toy and took it away. I waited and waited for him to bring it back, but he never did. So I decided to go back out my door and find another friend. If I should break this one, hopefully, with more practice, he’ll get better at fixing them.

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