WARNING: The Best Laid Plans By Peg Scarano

Word: Warning
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The Best Laid Plans
By Peg Scarano

There are some things you just cannot prepare for not matter how prepared you think you are. And we all know – the best laid plans always need a Plan B. If you don’t have one, make one!

A great Plan A for the withered and winter weary is to head south. An additional part of this plan that may not have been so great is to have your kitchen completely gutted and remodeled while you are gone. That means getting all cupboards and drawers emptied, the refrigerator totally cleaned out and all the accumulated niceties that found a home behind your stove and refrigerator over the last 28 years need to be evicted. Also, temporary shelter needs to found for everything that was removed and will return to the new kitchen. If you have never tried it, I really don’t recommend it as a fun thing to do. Add one more thing to these outlandish plans – your oldest daughter expecting her first baby – on February 7th … so they said.

So Plan A was to take our time emptying those cupboards and drawers and refrigerator because we sure didn’t want to have to search for kitchen utensils to cook with while we were still living at home – that was the beauty about having the job done while we were away, right? We were to leave home on February first and begin the traditional dancing in and out of our family’s lives for the next ten weeks – starting with the middle child who lives the furthest north; moving on to south Jersey when the oldest gives birth; on to Virginia to see #3; and then flying from there to Florida to waltz into my brother’s life for three weeks before turning around and doing the jig backwards.

With no warning, Plan A went to hell in a hand basket six days prior to schedule with a phone call from the oldest informing us she was in the hospital. Little Baby Boo had his own schedule and he was definitely the boss. OK – so we fall back to Plan B – of which there wasn’t one.
Poppy and Noni to-be, went into high gear and got sox days worth of things done in a day and a half and high-tailed it to New Jersey without looking back!

Henry Stone O’Connell arrived at 2:33 p.m., Sunday, January, 28th, weighing in at 8 pounds, 5 ounces. He immediately changed the lives of so many people I can’t even begin to count. He has a beautiful head of black hair, a complexion to die for and eyes that melt my very soul. No, there are some things you just cannot prepare for – a new life brought into this world by one of the strongest women I know who will be the best mother ever to her little son….That is until one of the other two bring a new life into this world – and then the competitive games will begin – yet again!

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