Word Dancing
Word Count 404
By Nan Ressue
“Come on pig. If you are going to travel with us, you’re going to have to step it up,” ordered the sheep leading the flock.
“Yeah, yeah, I know all your complaints,” the goat chimed in. “Short legs, dragging belly and you forgot your lunch. Even dummies know we have to get there before the sun comes up so we can still see the star.”
I’m far too refined to point out that sheep are stupid and have no mind of their own and that goats are gluttonous and ignorant risk takers. I, on the other hand prefer the finer things and am preparing for my dancing debut. But both the shepherds and the farmers are following this star to a rendezvous which has no equal. I hear that the family we will visit is in a barn so animals would be welcome too, right? Nobody will notice if a medium sized pig slips in, right?”
“Oh merciful heavens! I hope it’s not much further. That arrogant sheep does realize that short legs go twice as far as long legs and for some reason the curl is gone out of my tail. Just when I wanted to look nice.
I’m glad we’re nearly there. I think I can see the shed.
We all crept quietly into the barn so as to not wake up the baby. There was the beautiful young mother, smiling and beckoning us to come closer.
“Oh dear. Where did my manners go? I forgot my present for the baby. Good thing it’s dark so nobody can see that my snout is turning red.”
Hmmm…I wonder if that boy with the drum standing in the corner would play a rhythm for me? Maybe tonight is the time for my debut!
With a yes for the answer, I bowed to the mother and the babe and took my position in front of the manger. Rata tat, rata tat, rata tat tat tat beat the drum. Sway left, sway right, circle and bow, sway again, rise up on two feet and twirl for a grand finish… Was it OK?,” I thought to myself. “Did they like it?”
The mother smiled and my heart was full.
A wonderful warm feeling made me turn to look over my shoulder and watch my drooping tail slowly begin to form the most beautiful spiral . What a fine night this is turning out to be!

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