Word Count 438


By Nan Ressue

Every night was the same for my sister and me.  Mommy would sit on one of our beds and read a story she knew we liked and the last letter that Daddy had written to us from his prison cell.  He was a brave soldier fighting for our country who had gotten captured by some mean people .We prayed together that he would be safe and come home soon.  There was a big picture of him in his uniform in our room so we could remember his face and kiss him goodnight .It seems like he has been gone forever.

Only tonight seemed to be a little different, judging by our mother’s sparkling eyes and big smile.

“Girls”, she said “I think your prayers have been heard.  Tomorrow we are going to the airport and wait for a very special Army airplane to land.  Can you guess who is going to be on it?”

We could only shriek with joy and jump on our beds “Daddy…Daddy…Daddy,” we sang

It was hard to sleep that night and morning couldn’t come fast enough. We were up before the sun, trying to decide what to wear so he would be proud of us.  Mommy looked so beautiful and happy as we climbed into the car.

“Mom, how will we know which plane is his?”, I asked nervously.

“The General will speak to everybody who is waiting and tell us what to do,” she answered with a smile.  The ride seemed like it lasted forever but we finally arrived.  The waiting families were gathered together on the tarmac, chatting, smiling, weeping, and wringing their hands with sharp anticipation.

“The P.O.W. plane is approaching folks.  Your wait is nearly at an end”, said the commander.  A silence spread over the loved ones as they realized that their dearest hope was about to come true.  A dot in the blue sky gradually grew in size and shape, coming closer, yet closer and at last, touching down to taxi toward the waiting crowd.

The soldiers exited the plane one at a time after their name and rank was announced over the microphone.  We waited.

Soldier one…no not him. Soldier two….no not yet … soldier three and there he was…the man with the face we kissed every night.  He ran toward us with tears in his eyes, dropped to his knees and held out his arms.  We dashed full speed ahead into his embrace, plastering ourselves to his chest, and promising each other  that we would NEVER let him go again. Could there ever be anything sweeter than this?

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