PRICKLY: I’m Not Wearing This! By Sally Madison


Words: 442

I’m Not Wearing This!

By Sally Madison

“I’m not wearing this!  It stinks!” yelled Della, as she slammed the door on her way out of the costume room.  Lindsey, a student, and Marsha, the senior volunteer-in-charge, just stared at the door.  What were they going to do now?  The community theater play of “King Arthur” will start in two days, and Guinevere has just had a temper tantrum. There is no time to return this dress to the costume house in Chicago and get a different one. Over 300 tickets were already sold, they couldn’t cancel the show.

“Lindsey, go to the florist shop and get two large flower boxes one slightly larger than the other.  Then, get one bag of kitty litter and two boxes of baking soda,” instructed Marsha.  

Lindsey, eager to be of any help, began reading the instructions that Marsha had written out.  “Cut many small vent holes in the smaller box and put the dress in it, then put the opened boxes of baking soda with the dress, and close the lid. Spread the kitty litter in the larger box.  Lay the box containing the dress on the kitty litter and close the lid, nestling the two boxes together. Then, pray.”   

Two days later, Della stormed into the costume area to looking for the new dress.  “Where is it?” She yelled.  She saw the dress, as they retrieved the vented box on the kitty litter and screamed, “You had my dress in kitty litter! I’m not wearing it!” Again, she stormed out the door.

Lindsey and Marsha were devastated. Della was always such a diva, but she has been especially prickly with this play.  What to do? Lindsey remembered her grandmother telling her about how, years ago, they would pin a dress.  She had grown up watching her grandmother sew clothes, and she had a little skill herself.  All she needed was several yards of brocade.  “Marsha, I’ll make a dress.”  

“There is no time to make a dress”, Marsha said in disbelief.  

Lindsey explained the plan: “Years ago, ladies would take expensive material and pin it together, rather than cutting and sewing it.”

Grateful for the donation to the community play, Lindsey picked out several yards of brocade.  Lindsey thought of ways she would do this.  ‘Let’s see, if I drape it this way… ’  

Marsha modeled while Lindsey worked her magic. Round she went, tuck here, pin there.

By the time Lindsey was done, a few hours later, the dress looked like it was straight off Broadway.  “Lindsey, you have real talent. You should look into going to school for dress design,” complimented Marsha.  

Lindsey thought, “Oh, yeah! I could do this!”

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