TURMOIL: Blue Waters… By Nan Ressue

Word: Turmoil

Word Count 340

Blue Waters…
By Nan Ressue


I sat on the bench, quietly, thoughtfully, so pleased to be in this beautiful place called Blue Waters where peace reigns and turmoil melts away. The sun has broken through the trees, beginning its daily journey from the technicolor horizon and lays a  kiss of warmth on my cheek.  The dew is releasing its midnight grip on the marsh grass in front of me as the entrapped pools of water find their way to larger swirls and finally join the larger safe water coves.  There is an expectant hush while I patiently wait for the visitors.

I wait expectantly, hopefully for that first sound; rasping, raucous honks that signal approach Sounds increase and multiply as the source draws nearer.  I stand and shield my eyes to view the brightening sky and am rewarded.  Here they come, winging their way to this comforting spot, formation flying at its best.

They are closer now and the leaders are directing the squadron to circle and settle into calm waters, splashing down in waves .Some of them are more athletic than others,  coming in for a smooth landing as if the water surface was a runway; others crashing rather than gliding.  “Oh well, I got down’” you could almost hear him say.  One hundred? two hundred?  Who could count them?  Soon they are all down, swimming, roosting, preening, diving to check out the bottom, enjoying the  needed respite that we humans understand so well. The turmoil of travel had vanished and peaceful rest takes its place.

I can’t tell you how many hours I spent at the Blue Waters while I shared the peaceful hours with these magnificent birds. But suddenly it was over with a tremendous upward explosion of energy as they left the surface of the water by some silent signal. The rest had been accomplished, the goals reset, and the next chapter of the journey was about to begin.

Farewell Geese.  I salute your beauty, strength, and determination. Do drop in again .soon.

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