RECKLESS: Love Finds a Way By Peg Scarano

Word:  Reckless

Word Count: 502


Love Finds a Way

By Peg Scarano


Remember when we were young and foolish – the simple high school pranks; ironing your hair; lying on your back on the bed to zip up your jeans; reading adult books under the blankets with a flashlight; telling your parents you were going to a girlfriend’s house when you were really meeting a boy at the movies; sneaking a beer or a cigarette?  – All relatively harmless adolescent activities back in our day, right?


I don’t think I purposely tried to do things to upset the adults in my life.  I think I probably ran the consequences of my actions through my immature mind before I actually acted upon a scathingly brilliant idea.


It was a chilly fall weekend of my sophomore year in college.  I had plans to catch a ride home to Little Falls from Brockport with a friend of mine so I could visit my boyfriend.  At noon on Friday, my friend called to tell me she had a change of plans and was not going home.  The bottom dropped out of my world.  I hadn’t seen him in a month and was so looking forward to going home.   My mind took over.


I got a ride to the gas station on the outskirts of town on the way to the Thruway.  I gingerly set my bag down and bravely put my thumb up.  After what seemed like an eternity, a man in a pickup truck stopped and asked me which way I was headed.  I boldly murmured, “East.”  He told me he was going as far as Syracuse.  I quietly said, “That would be great, but before I get in your truck, I need to make a phone call to let my boyfriend know I’m on my way and about what time we’ll arrive in Syracuse.”  He agreed and waited.


There were no cell phones in 1972.  I went into the phone booth, made a collect call to my boyfriend’s house where his younger sister accepted the charges and told me Rock was working and would be home around three.  I told her I was hitching home with a man in a gray truck.  I gave her the license number and told her I was having him drop me off at Rock’s uncle’s liquor store in Syracuse and that we should be there around 5:30 – please have him pick me up there.  And then I prayed.


I prayed she would get the message to Rock and that he was free to drive to Syracuse and that his old clunk of a car would not break down and that this nice guy in the truck was truly a nice guy and not a serial killer.


My prayers were answered.  The gentleman was a true gentleman.  I was lucky.  My reckless act got me to Syracuse safely.  Rock was at his uncle’s liquor store waiting, as was his aunt, who read me the riot act.  I was relieved until it dawned on me…..How was I going to get back on Sunday?

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