SHADOW: Shadow By Nan Ressue

Word Count 426

Nan Ressue
Maybe this is the day I can make my dream come true. I have thought about it for so long that it is hard to imagine that the time has come to try to make it happen. I’ll try my best but I have to wait for a sunny day. I can just imagine it. I am going to try to be free. Able to go where I choose, when it pleases me, and maybe convince a friend to come with me.
Yes, it’s going to be a beautiful sunny day today and my owner is going for a walk downtown.The time has come!
Here she comes and here I go!
“Nan! Nan!” I said in my biggest voice.
She looked around, up, across, over there, but not down.
“Down here”, I said. “No, no. down HERE>” It’s your shadow”
“Well, this is a surprise. What’s on your mind?”
I have a special request. You know how many years I’ve been with you and have never failed you on a sunny day? Man, you are OLD and it’s been a lot of years… So as a reward for all that loyalty, I want to be free and live my own life.
“I understand why you would feel that way but how do you propose to separate?’”“I’m thinking a plastic surgeon could saw us apart under your feet… guaranteed painless. Just think of the changes it would give me. On a day when you didn’t need company, I could do something that I chose all on my own… And I wouldn’t have to stay home on a cloudy day by myself waiting for the weather to clear.
“I certainly can see where it would make life more interesting for you, I replied… People and their shadows don’t always want to do the same things.”
“You would have to do some designing and make some decisions. Like how smart and how emotional am I going to be? And what are my rights and responsibilities when I am free?”
“OK”, I replied. “I think I can figure that out.”
I’ve never told anybody this but I have a secret dream that is very close to my heart. I would really like to be a reflection. Do you realize how wonderful it would be to wear colored clothes and have an identity? I know it would be a long process and I might not make it but I sure would like to try.”
“Check the yellow pages for that surgeon Shadow and let’s get underway…Freedom, here she comes!”


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