EYELASHES: Maine Lobster Bisque By Sally Madison

Word Count 390

Maine Lobster Bisque
By Sally Madison

As Eric finishes his story, Lindsey, from her hospital bed, burst out laughing, “Ha, ha, ha, oh, ou, ou, ou, ha, ha, ha. Oh Eric, don’t make me laugh. My stitches hurt bad enough as it is,” as she wiped the droplets from her eyelashes. ”That is too funny.”

“Oh, sorry, Sweetie, I didn’t mean to cause you pain.” Eric apologized. Lindsey raised one eyebrow, and thought, ‘Sweetie? I wonder where that came from’

Hearing the laughter, Dr. Livingston entered the room. “What’s all the laughing about? Oh, Hello Eric.”

Eric turned and greeted the doctor, “Hello, David.” I was just telling Lindsey about my dinner last night. “After saying good night to Lindsey, I started home and thought I would stop at the deli to get a quick supper. They were offering Maine Lobster Bisque, which I had not had since I left Nashua, to come here to New York City. I took a couple of spoonfuls and nearly gagged. It was terrible! I was furious! So I says to the owner, “I’m from New Hampshire. We eat lobster bisque all the time, and this is not it! How can you possibly call this Lobster Bisque? Calmly, the owner goes out to the kitchen and brings out this big tattooed ape of a man. The owner tells the cook, this man says, this isn’t Lobster Bisque.”

Eric continued, “He says to me, ‘My name is Lobster, I’m from Maine and I made the bisque. What’s your problem?”

Peels of laughter come from Lindsey, “Ha, ha ha, ou, ou, ou!” as she holds her tummy, then she quiets down.

David is also is laughing hysterically. “Ha, ha, ha.” Then he turns to Eric, and says “Eric! You’re from Nashua! Where did you get that ..’I says to him’ .. crap?”

Eric thought for a moment, shook his lowered head, and responded, “I have been here too long. We need to get away for awhile.” Eric laughs at his own words.

David adding, “Yeah, you do” and rejoins the laughter.

Again, Lindsey raised one eyebrow. ‘Eric is single, who is the ‘we’ I wonder. Then she smiled to herself, thinking maybe the ‘we’ includes ‘me.’ Unable to restrain her laughter any longer she bursts out, “Ha, ha, hw, ou, ou, ou, “ at which point Eric and David laughed even harder.

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