PORTFOLIO: Russiagate By Nan Ressue

Word: Portfolio
Word Count 388
By Nan Ressue
“Sergie! Sergie! Pick up! We must talk. I’ll be waiting for your call so make it quick”
The tall figure of Alexis was swathed in a long overcoat and fur hat, hunched over, braced against the penetrating winds that swept off the Volga, driving the winter ice crystals into every vulnerable surface. He leaned up against the building for some relief from the wind and to disguise his identity to passersby.
A faint ringing from the phone booth snapped him to attention and he raced to get the call.
“Alexis, it’s me. Good to hear your voice my friend. What is happening?”
“Comrade, I have fallen into an incredible scheme to make money off the Americans. I have secretly managed to obtain an obscure and embarrassing portfolio of Donald Trump photos who would pay handsomely to destroy them.”
“Tell me!” asked Serge, burning with curiosity. “You must reveal the information to me immediately!”
“Ah, no, my friend’” Alexis replied. “You must meet me tomorrow night at the bistro two blocks from the Kremlin at midnight. I’ll be at the back table waiting”
It was sleepless night for both Russians; one guarding the treasure and the other wondering what it could possibly be.
The appointed time finally arrived and Sergie found his way to the back table in a dim corner and sat down breathless with anticipation.
Alexis smiled, leaned forward and said, “A person who wishes to remain anonymous has slipped me the best picture of the American taken outdoors on a windy day. It was probably the only undercover camera in the crowd. My source will probably want a cut of the blackmail money.”
“Of course, of course” replied Serge without hesitation. Anxious to see the goods. “How shall we manage to show Trump the photo and still keep it under our control?”
“We will be using reverse leakers who can also move news BACK into the White House.”
“Ah, genius!” said his partner with dollar signs hanging from his hairline to his shoestrings.
“Here it is comrade. A picture of Trump with his comb over standing on end. Did he think we were all stupid enough not to know he is bald? HA HA! Vladimir will love hearing about this!
“You are right Comrade. There is money in this. We will be rich! Mark my words!”

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