OCEANIC: Water World By Nan Ressue

Word Count 502
By Nan Ressue
I am convinced that an account of these extraordinary times must be kept in case mankind survives and the lessons we’re learning can become part of the historical record.
We have lived through a sad and angry time on our planet when reason and diplomacy had been cast aside and the land and all upon it have suffered with radioactivity. Families still above ground wear the infamous white suits and face masks to protect themselves from poisonous burns and early death. Underwater is the only safe place left and think tanks are working night and day to refine the oceanic hydrocapsules established off the Atlantic coast near the Carolinas. The crucial electronic source has been established using the ground breaking patent proposed in the 1980s. Worldwide cooperation and trillions of dollars were used to submerge a gargantuan waterwheel of classified dimensions in the ceaseless gulf stream, operating slowly enough to avoid disturbing marine life , deep enough not to interfere with shipping, and fast enough to produce the necessary electric supply. This project combined with the success of the pioneering hydrocapsules give us a glimmer of hope that we might survive.
What about parts of the country, which have no ocean nearby? Where do people in those locations go to save their lives? Are places like Kansas and Colorado automatically doomed? Maximum effort is being expended by government science foundations to establish the minimum water depth requirements. Would the Great Lakes be deep enough? Of course Niagara could used for the power source. Also, would the criteria developed for the Atlantic colony be successful in the Pacific?
My research committee, tasked with answering some of these questions, scheduled an inspection of the Atlantic modules. It was a great relief to shed the cumbersome whites and enter the vacuum tubes connecting us to the sea world’s anterooms. We joined one of the scheduled tours and were mesmerized with explanations of hydroponics, recycled urine for drinking water, mandatory exercise and social programs along with intense research projects aimed at furthering the lifestyle.
There seems to be a hierarchy among hydro pioneers based on the length of tenure in the oceanic environment. We found a crossroads vantage point where we could observe the passing traffic. Would there be an observable difference between original settlers and new arrivals?
It didn’t take long to answer that question. With the several pair of binoculars provided with the tour fee, we could easily differentiate. Here comes another resident. This is amazing…. Did you see that she has no eyelids? I wonder if that was expected or if it was a surprise.
The man emerging from the closest doorway and moving this way has an astounding adaptation. Look closer and you will see the gills behind his ears. So far, nobody has passed by who shows rudimentary fins. Are we to experience reverse evolution? I wonder what this life style has done to their thinking? Time will tell. At least we hope we will have time ENOUGH to tell.

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