OCEANIC: Oceanic By Miriam Rose Mancuso

Word Count 459
By Miriam Rose Mancuso
When Julia got to her hotel room, she flopped on the bed, letting her heavy suitcase hit the floor. She took in a large deep sigh. She pulled the chocolate bar out of her stomach and began munching. Vivien kicked.
“Not a fan of Twix bars, are you, Vivi?” Julia rubbed her bulging belly and giggled at the thought of her daughter refusing a treat.
Julia pictured Vivien with lovely clear blue eyes, soft red lips, pale freckled skin and Julia’s red hair. She prayed that Vivien wouldn’t have brown hair, brown eyes and tan skin. That would break her heart. Julia tried her best to lift herself up so that she could snuggle under the covers. She kicked off her shoes, removed the sunglasses, pulled off her shirt, unhooked her bra and pulled off her skirt. She wrapped the clean beige covers over her bare body and sunk her head into the pillows. No work, no people, no annoying siblings with kids telling her how to live her life! It was just her and that felt good.
Julia drifted off to sleep and fell into a happy dream. There she stood, looking beyond the oceanic beach, feeling the cool breeze hit her. She was wearing a blue bikini and her stomach was flat…how??!
“My sweet,” Julia turned heard a familiar, calm voice behind her. There stood Carlos with two coconut drinks with little umbrellas.
“I can’t drink-”
“Now you can! Carlos interrupted. “Now that we don’t have to worry about that baby cutting into our fun!” Carlos laughed and cheered with Julia.
Julia’s mouth hung open a little. her eyes bugged. She looked around the beach and nodded her head slowly.
“Where are we?”
“Hawaii, Julia!” Carlos exclaimed. “Where we’ve always wanted to go! Now that we don’t have that baby spending up all our savings!”
Julia laughed, not listening. “So, you and I are in Hawaii? Why?”
“For our honeymoon!” Carlos wrapped his arms around her. She ran her hands through his brown hair and felt him kiss her lips. She looked up at him lovingly. They weren’t broken up and they weren’t pregnant together. They were married and were in Hawaii! They were happy.
Julia suddenly snapped back into her senses. “Wait, where’s the baby?” Julia hyperventilated at the thought of what Carlos was about to say.
Carlos shrugged and wrapped an arm around his new wife. “Let’s just say…heaven>”
“What? No! No! This can’t be happening! How could I do this?” Julia hit the ground and hit her fists against the sand. She was weeping a river and could barely breathe.
Suddenly, Julia woke up with a hard kick from Vivien. She realized she had only been dreaming. She made the sign of the cross.

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