CLANDESTINE: Clandestine By Miriam Rose Mancuso

Word Count 356
By Miriam Rose Mancuso

Julia heard a knock on the door. She collected her emotional self and rolled her eyes. “Come in,” A cart with a tray of food entered her room before Devyn. He was dressed in a fresh uniform and shaved cheeks. Julia lifted herself up onto the bedboard and sunk her head into the pillows.
“Whoa whoa whoa, exposed! Exposed!” Devyn covered his eyes. Julia looked down and immediately covered herself up with the coverlet. Her cheeks were ruby.
“I didn’t mean to do that! I fell asleep…” Julia eyed the clock. “15 hours ago and I blacked out. I thought I was in Hawaii!” Julia laughed and wiped her wet eyes.
Devyn snickered. “You’re really becoming a mom now! When my sister, she’s a mother of four, has two seconds without her kids, she knocks out for days,” Devyn hook his head.
“Hungry?” Devyn revealed a plate of eggs, toast (wheat), bacon, fruit, sausage, and pancakes. Not to mention orange juice and coffee.
“Like a child in Af-” Julia stopped herself. “Yes, thank you, Devyn,” Julia accepted the glass of OJ and the pancakes. She wolfed down the silver dollar stack while Devyn texted a friend. Nosey and bored, Julia asked,
“Who’s the lucky lady!”
“My boss. He wants me to help the crying pregnant lady and get back to work. That’s you, darling.” Devyn laughed under his breath.
“Ok, stop with the clandestine questions. What’s your evil boss saying?” Julia saw through Devyn and hated it.
“She wants a better lobby man or at least a better me,” Devyn hit his clutched fists together.
“You’re awesome, Devyn. Don’t let her push you around.” Julia scarfed down the sausage plate and drank coffee out of the pot.

“Geez, I know it’s free, but don’t eat too fast!” Devyn giggled at Julia’s ravenous behaviors.
“Don’t judge me, I’m eating for two, ya know!” Julia patted Vivien’s home…or at least it’s big enough to be her home.
Devyn shook his head. “I’ll be back later to check up on ya, sleep tight.” Devyn saluted Julia and she waved him out. She took a deep breath and smiled to herself.

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