OCEANIC: Ocean Voyage By Joann Dickson

Word: Oceanic
Word Count: 431
Ocean Voyage
By Joann Dickson

What an adventure!  A trans-oceanic voyage to start a new life in the States!  James and I are so looking forward to settling in with his new position at the firm’s New York City office.  New York City!  I’ve only heard stories about it, but I can’t wait to see it!  The tall buildings, the hustle and bustle, the fast pace of city life!  This is like a fairy tale come true.  

I have been packing for weeks, and trying to decide what we need to bring, or what we will buy when we get to the States.  James is going to be so successful in his firm, I’m sure he’ll be senior partner before long.  He is so well respected and has already proven his talents in London, and now he will get to shine over on the other side of the Atlantic.  His colleagues are planning a dinner party to introduce us when we arrive.  I hear they all live in luxurious apartments right in the heart of the city.  We’ll find a small place to start with and I’ll be busy decorating and setting it up just the way we want it.  There is so much to think about!

We had never taken a wedding trip, so James decided we would celebrate and upgrade to a suite with a porthole and balcony. Our first night on board, we are invited to dinner at the captain’s table! Just think of that! Mama helped me pick out a special gown for the occasion. And of course, Mama and Papa couldn’t let us leave without a farewell party. All our friends and relatives were there to wish us well. I admit I will miss Mama and Papa so very much. Especially with the news I have been keeping to myself…

I will have to find just the right moment to tell James my little secret – we’re having a baby! I’m sure of it now, but I didn’t want anyone to know before we left. James and Mama would have tried to talk me out of such a strenuous journey. And I wouldn’t want him to have to make the long trip without me. I’ll promise to take it easy and get plenty of rest. Everything will be fine.

Our driver has delivered us to the pier at Southampton, and soon we’ll be able to board the ship. I can’t wait to see it – I hear it’s the very latest and greatest of ocean liners. There – she’s coming into view – RMS Titanic!

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