AGONIZED: Agonized By Miriam Rose Mancuso

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By Miriam Rose Mancuso
Julia hadn’t heard any negative reviews about the Weska Motel down by the Thruway so she figured that’d be the place she could stay while her house was being fumigated. Julia drove her ’09 Chevy down the busy road leading up to the Weska. She parked the car and glossed a fresh purple coat on her lips. Muah muah muah.
Julia stepped out of the car and took a look at the brickwood old motel that stood before her. Green moss had grown up the side of the building and birds had built nests upon the roof but it was beautiful and thankfully not ‘ghetto’. Julia, without taking off her sunglasses, waltzed into the large red-carpeted lobby. A handsome man was waiting at the front desk with a crystal-clean smile.
“Hello, ma’am! How are we doing today?” The man, ‘Devyn’ couldn’t help but gaze at Julia’s ample pink cheeks and long red hair.
Julia clutched her bag in font of her stomach and shivered. She bit her lip. She held back a nervous laugh. “F-fine! I’m doing just fine!” Could Devyn recognize her? Julia shook her head. “I’d like to book a room for 2 nights and 3 days, please.” She fumbled around in her purse for her credit card, trying not to make eye contact with Devyn.
“Sure, under the name…?” Devyn and Julia looked up at each other at the same time. Julia’s blue eyes sunk deep into his deep brown portals of ecstasy.
“Julia Varden,” Julia’s cheeks were bright red and turned even brighter when Julia saw the smile on Devyn’s face.
“Julia Varden? The Julia Varden who’s been dating my man Carl for ten years?” Devyn laughed.
“Correction, 8 years and we aren’t…exactly…dating anymore,” Julia folded her hands in front of her bag so that her stomach wouldn’t catch his eye.
“Yo, what happened? You two were inseparable!” I won’t hold anything against anybody, just please lemme find out the truth from the source,”
Julia took a deep breath and moved the big bag away from her stomach revealing a rather noticeable bump. “Carl wasn’t too happy with little Vivien after all,” Julia’s sunglasses fogged up and a single tear rolled down her cheek. “Now can you please book me a room so I can sit and look up cribs?”
Devyn’s expression hardened. He nodded.
“You said you wouldn’t hold anything against him.” Julia blurted out.
Devyn shook his head. “Room 308D. Free breakfast in the morning.” Devyn handed her the room key and walked into his office, leaving Julia agonized and heavy-hearted

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